The Weekly: Man Juice Edition

Boozing and whoring. I need to cut down or that shit is going to kill me. Another crazy weekend of doing tequila shots and chasing 21 year old tail. I’ll write up the field reports later. Maybe.

So yeah, haven’t posted a roundup in a few weeks. I’m a slacker, sue me. I’ve got a passel of great stuff this time to make up for it.

I’m officially obsessed with Arnel Pineda and Journey. Have you heard of this? Classic rock band Journey finds a new lead singer by looking at YOUTUBE videos. They find this hotshot Philippino cover band singer in Manila, invite the lucky fukker to try out, and the next thing anyone knows he’s channeling Steve Perry. I love it. And I love Journey. See Pineda’s wiki entry here. See this video from the Ellen show immediately.


Okay, moving on. Have you heard of the movement called Radical Honesty? Neither had I, until I read this article in Esquire called “I Think You’re Fat.” Credit CJ’s blog for turning me on to it. In a nutshell, radical honesty is where you go about your daily life and tell everyone exactly what you’re thinking. For example, if you’re having a conversation with your boss and he starts to act like a patronizing douche, you would say, “Bob, I resent you for being a patronizing douchebag right now.” You behave the same way with your wife, your kids, your hot co-worker, everyone. It’s insane. The guy who started the movement, Brad Blanton, theorizes that most of the stress and problems in the world stem from the fact that we lie all day long, to ourselves and to each other, and that by being radically honest we can connect on far deeper levels with our fellow men and women. I’m fascinated by the idea and tempted to experiment with this as a routine when I talk to chicks. Drop everything and read the article.

Okay, two cool new blogs I just discovered, although both are pretty popular. First is Boinkology, which bills itself as “insightful analysis of sex, relationships, dating–and everything in between.” Try this post called “So wait, Is Jizz Safe For Work Or Not?” Apparently there was a bit of a kerfuffle when Lena Chen, a Harvard student and popular blogger, posted a picture of herself right after receiving a facial. WARNING: Don’t click the link if you don’t want to see a smug Asian chick post-money shot.

The second blog is Reverse Cowgirl, authored by Susannah Breslin. Some great commentary on there, mostly focused on sex. I also highly recommend her other blogs, Letters from Johns and Letters from Working Girls, where she posts actual letters from prostitutes and their male customers. Some of these letters are fucking amazing and I can’t get enough of them. Try this one here about a 23 year old top-dollar prostitute…I felt some weird deep emotions I can’t properly describe, so I won’t try, but suffice it to say I was moved by her story.

Last but not least, two of our blogging comrades are hosting their first ever contests. You can be sure Honey and I will be kicking ass and taking names on these. See the contests at Dad’s House and the Hot Alpha Female blog. BTW, I’m a little bit in love with HAF after hearing her Aussie accent. How much in love? I would box a trio of rabid spotted kangaroos for the chance to hear her talk dirty to me after a night of Patron shots. Now if I could get her to work on her commas and grammar, we’d be in business :p

I hope everyone had a glorious weekend.

  • dadshouse

    Lance, great roundup, and thanks for the plug. I must say, in my best attempt at Radical Honesty, you are the complete opposite of a douchebag for giving us that Don’t Click warning. I appreciate it! And like any person who is told not to do something, I did it…

    Now, I’ll try the same reverse psychology plow – don’t enter my contest unless you want to expose yourself to a cross section of bloggers who raise kids solo and/or date and relate. I’m pretty sure the word jizz hasn’t been used on my blog. Yet. (Though donk has, thank you very much.)

    dadshouses last blog post..CONTEST – First Date Tips and Horror Stories

  • Brad

    I’d heard of the Radical Honesty movement a few months back…

    Basically, the guy just walks up to women and goes:

    “The only reason I’m talking to you right now is because I want to bone you…”

    … and is DEAD serious.

    Of course, most older men and women (think 70’s and up) practice Radical Honesty all the time… at least that’s what I’ve seen… lol