The Weekly: TSB Edition

Hope everyone had a bitchin 4th of July weekend. I know I did, to the tune of going out three nights in a row and two backyard parties.

I want to give a big shoutout to Bobby and Mike over at The Seduction Bible (TSB) for including us as guest bloggers in their 31 Days To Better Game Series. I personally have gotten a lot of value out of the series, with excellent posts by Cajun, Christian Hudson, Asian Rake, and a slew of others, plus TSB has become a daily stop for me. They run informative articles on social artistry AND throw in fun stuff like pics of hotties and articles on fashion and general living for guys. Keep up the good work…TSB rocks!

Honey wrote an original post on flirting online, which you can find here, and my post on text message game is here.

Alrighty, here’s the roundup. First is an article on New York Magazine online, entitled “The Affairs of Men: The trouble with sex and marriage.” The author discusses why married men and women cheat, how social norms are shifting, and questions the role of marriage in our society. It’s an absolutely excellent article and I recommend you take ten minutes and read every word. There are some great insights there. I found it via Kat Wilder’s blog, so I want to give her ups on that.

Next up is “Lust in LA: Hot, Sticky, and Bothered” by Dani Katz, where the author gets into a polyamorous relationship with an attractive, new-agey married couple. Part of this is a healing process for her after her doc recommended she have 3-4 “releases” per week (silly LA people), part of it is sex, part of it is the love and fulfillment she gets from two people. If you’ve ever wondered what a polyamorous relationship looks like, check out this well written article. I found it titillating. Again, you’ll need about 10 minutes to read it.

Sticking with the theme of marriage and sex, here’s a column by Dan Savage, called “Men are Pigs,” from March 2000. I was going through some of his older columns doing “research” and this one stood out. If you’re not already doing so, bookmark him and read regularly. Savage is a righteous fucking dude. Money quote:

Gay men grow up on the same planet straight men do, a planet that celebrates male promiscuity. The same culture that celebrates male promiscuity, oddly enough, punishes female promiscuity, which makes it hard for wannabe-promiscuous straight boys to find pussy.


Last but not least, go see the movie Wall-E. It features a post-apocalyptic Earth, retardedly mind blowing animation, a cute cockroach, cool robots, and a story that will warm the cackles of your black, jaded hearts. Seriously, it’s one of the best movies of the year.

  • Bobby Rio

    Lance and Honey,

    Thanks again for conrtibuting to the series.. I really enjoyed both of your articles!!

  • Honey

    Thanks, Bobby Rio!

    I saw Wall-E yesterday, and loved it. Yay!

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  • lisaq

    Great articles at TSB both of you! Bravo! Lil lisaq has a date with a new guy tomorrow night that I met online. Going to use both of your tips on this one!

    lisaqs last blog post..How Porn Affects Relationships

  • Milf Soup Fan

    Ou-yo-yu you have a nice little blog…it\’s now in my bookmarks ;0