The Weekly: Sunday School Edition

Alright, people, I’ve been traveling all weekend (again), but now it’s back to our regularly scheduled content. The weekend roundup! Link love to our peeps. We’ve got a real tasty batch this week.

Read this post, from John at the Sparks of Insanity blog. It’s one of the funniest blog post about online dating I’ve ever read. It’s short, pointed, and cynical as balls. If you’ve ever been frustrated by the lame shit you see on or any other dating site, you’ll appreciate this.

Speaking of online dating and cynicism, here’s a great story about an f’ed up craigslist date, from David at the Dad’s House blog. David goes to lunch (and pays) with a chick who’s a serial date abuser. Her abuse: meeting guys for dates just to get a free meal. Here’s how I describe this type of person: fucking twat. Even douchebaguette doesn’t do it justice. Avoid like the superflu.

The Asian Rake breaks it down hardcore with this post: Believablilty, The Key to Elite Game. I was totally wowed when I read this. Firstly, he’s basically giving you a complete model for great game, and secondly, his writing style is solid. Third, he’s giving away the knowledge. No marketing, no ebook, just click, read, and enjoy. Asian Rake is a very intelligent dude and his writing is super-tight too, so check it out. Oh yeah, he has pictures of extraordinarily hot Asian chicks.


Believability gets at the issue of whether the girl feels she can believe your sincerity, that you really do mean what you say in your compliments and verbal rewards, and that your kino escalations make sense emotionally.

She does not need to believe that you want to have sex with her. Every girl will automatically think that she can attain sex from you. That’s not what’s in question.

Also from the Rake, check out this great post about gaming elite Asian hotties. It’ll totally expand your perspective on how social status affects game, and how you can overcome social status challenges (ie, not having any).

I would be remiss if I didn’t include this entry from Marie Monteux, her review of the Magic Bullets manual. If you didn’t follow last week, Marie hated on pimps and players on her blog after the Dr. Phil show, which provoked an impassioned response from the community, and then Nick Savoy emailed her the ebook for free, which she reviewed. Full circle. Definitely check it out.

Thanks to thirtyplus for posting a link to Esquire’s article on eye contact. Pure freaking gold. Snippet:

The eye contact changed all that. I’d compare it to using a Sawzall for the first time, that moment you realize you could cut through pretty much any wall in the world if you had the right blade. With my eyes, I calmed them, slowed them down, and did so without knocking them over or humiliating them.

Hope everyone had a rockin’ weekend!


(Hmm…what do you think, hot or not?)

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  • Honey

    John’s post reminds me of when I originally started dating online, oh, five and a half years ago. After perusing the site for a few days to see how everyone else introduced themselves, here is how I introduced myself:

    First, the top three annoying things about online profiles: (1) “I’ve never done this before.” Half of you are lying, but it’s kind of a lame answer even if you’re telling the truth. We’re all on the website, too, so there’s no need to qualify–no one’s going to make fun of you. We all know the bar scene sucks. (2) Misspellings and typos (hey, I’m an English major, I can’t help it). (3) People describing themselves with adjectives. Anyone can say “I’m funny, smart, loyal” or whatever. I think it’s much more interesting to describe yourself via things you do or have done.

    I got about a million e-mails within a day saying, “oh my god, it’s so refreshing to see someone call it like it is on here.” So three cheers for John and honesty!

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