The Weekly: Kickass Contest Edition

I’m fired up, people. Kudos to everyone who wrote in for the contest. We had a blast with it. Here’s the weekly shout-outs to everyone who participated. May your traffic increase 10 fold and you get a zillion new subscribers.

Your Kickass Contest winner, David Mott from the Dad’s House blog, really kicked ass. See his post, There’s an order to a single parent’s relationship universe. Not only will you get David’s take on relationships, but he blogs about online dating, parenting, and he’ll even throw food and drink recipes in there. Also, he uses the word booty frequently, which has caused me to add the word back into my daily lexicon.

Becca, who authors the Phantasmagoric Dreams blog, is our second place winner. She offers up communication, sex, honesty, trust, and compromise as being requisite for relationship success. See her post here. She also blogs about what it means to be goth. Raw, honest, and funny.

Howard Ditkoff from really spun our heads with his essay entitled, Choosing Intimate Partners: To Repeat or Not Repeat? Take the time to read the whole thing, including comments, because it’s perspective shifting. This gave me pause about my attitude on playerism and relationships in general. But then I went out sarging.

Here’s a list of the folks who wrote blog posts for the contest:

And these folks left their take in our comments section…click to visit their blogs.

Rock on, people!