Weekend Roundup: Hot Seminarian Edition

Okay, this is a combo field report and weekly roundup. This post is a little late since I was doing Lance stuff over the weekend.

First off, I had to “next” Knockers, the 24-year-old hottie I made out with several weeks ago. What does nexting mean? Here it is. I met her and Fatty of Doom at Chillers on Saturday night. Knockers wasn’t giving me shit in the way of IOI’s and I was purposely giving her the cold vibe to see if she would respond. I had already come into the interaction with low expectations because of FOD, who had cockblocked me twice before. Anyway, we met at the bar at 10:00. At midnight they announced suddenly that they had to go home. This was the final straw for me, so I literally stood up, back turned, and walked out of the bar…no goodbye, no hug, nothing. I heard FOD say goodbye to my back but I didn’t respond. Sometimes it’s better to cut and run and this was one of those situations. These two girls were just too lame for me to hang out with. I hooked up with some friends after that and hung out until the wee hours.

I spent Sunday afternoon riding my mountain bike on trails and through the neighborhoods around a park near my house. It was hot as blazes and I wanted to catch some rays and sweat off the booze from the previous night. The park is pretty big and there are always people playing sports, sunbathing, hanging out, playing with their dogs, whatever. Well, Sunday was a beautiful day and there were tons of people around. I spotted two cute chicks walking across the park with towels and bags in hand, obviously prepped for sunbathing. I approached and opened them with, “Are you two having a picnic?”

The interaction was brief. I asked them if they were UCF students (they looked young) and they said they were in fact SEMINARY students and in town for father’s day. The interaction progressed for another minute, and even though I knew I was going to get blown out, I said we should hang out sometime and I attempted to give them my number (I didn’t have my phone on me). One of the girls–the cuter, shorter one–politely declined and stated that she doesn’t go out with strangers. The taller one hemmed and hawed and was interested, but of course she wasn’t going to go against the grain. I’m not sure what came over me, but the following exchange occurred:

Lance: “Okay, that’s cool, since you’re in seminary, does that mean you’re virgins and can’t have sex until after you graduate?”

Them: “WTF?!?”

Honestly, I don’t know what came over me. I think I fired off that line to see how they would react. Well, they reacted predicably enough. Bad Lance! Note to self: If I meet seminary students, cut and run.

Hot nun

(Are seminarians and hot nuns the same thing?)

Okay, on to the link love. The first is from Eathan at the idatewhite.com blog. Eathan is a black guy who exclusively dates white chicks…he’s also a thoughtful blogger and offers a lot of insight into the world of a single parent who goes on a lot of dates. As far as I know, Eathan isn’t a pickup artist or anything, he just has a lot of natural game. See his post here, where he has what I consider a perfect date. He started emailing this girl late at night, turns out she lived close by, and she came over for wine and convo on the balcony. I love this because it was all straight talk, no bullshit, no expectations, and no money was spent. Just two people connecting in a pure way.

Nextly we have an article by Dr. Gail Saltz, a contributor on the TODAY show website. She asks the question, do young people still have role models? She talks a bit about celeb culture providing very POOR role models and offers some advice. Role modeling (and mentoring) is a big big deal to me, and I’m going to write an extensive post on the subject this week. Look for that.

I found this cool erotic fiction website by Alicia Night Orchid. I haven’t explored the realm of erotic fiction at all (I prefer the video variety if you know what I mean), but I thought her stuff was well written and, well, erotic. Schwing!

Not that John Chow needs the link love, but there’s a new series on his blog on how to get a girlfriend, written by a guest blogger, Alex Shalman. John Chow asks the question, does making more money help you get girls? Should be interesting to see what reaction his audience has because his blog is about making money on the Internet, and NOT on dating etc. Part 1 is mostly common sense, although I do fully agree with item #7, join Toastmasters Intermational.

Okay, last but not least. There’s a great post and debate on Kristen Darguzas’ blog about whether a divorced woman in a corporate environment should wear a wedding ring in order to stave off unwelcome advances. Ha! I love it. Personally, I think it’s a great tactic. Be sure to read the comments section, there’s some heated exchanges there. Naturually, I left my .02.

Everyone, have a great week. Go forth, get some ass, make money. Here’s an Irish drinking toast:

May you…
Work like you don’t need the money,
love like you’ve never been hurt,
dance like no-one is watching,
screw like it’s being filmed,
and drink like a true Irishman.

  • http://www.idatewhite.com Eathan

    Thanks for the mention… I must say the date was a very good date. They don’t always happen like that, but when they do..it’s great. I’m laughing at you thinking I have ‘natural game’.

    ( in my Dr Evil’s voice) – I’ve spent years developing my skillzzzz…

    haha J/K

    Eathans last blog post..It’s easier being a guy

  • http://dadshouseblog.com dadshouse

    That nun in the pic is a hottie. Looks like Penelop Cruz. Too funny on your pickup gone bad with them.

    As for single moms wearing wedding rings – yeah, the comment section got heated. Always fun when that happens. My take (beyond what I wrote there) – is it any different than a single woman wearing a ring to a bar to stave off guys from hitting on her? It’s her choice.

    Love your shout outs! Great picks.

    dadshouses last blog post..You-Know-What-us Interruptus

  • http://evilwoobie.com evilwoobie

    :( and i thought this was going to be about “live out your fantasy of de-V-ing someone who has pledged otherwise’… or… “the lure of the dark side comes in a neat package inside my boxers”

    But that’s a wonderful toast, Lance! Thanks for the well wish!

    evilwoobies last blog post..Saying Goodbye to the Single Life with a Bang and a Peep Show

  • http://crazedreamersthoughts.blogspot.com/ craze

    Ouch! You actually said that to seminary students? LOL. Where are the blogs that tell a woman how to snag a date? I’ve often found a woman gets more advances when she wears a wedding ring rather than when she doesn’t.

    crazes last blog post..Blog Blahs

  • http://tangoofconfusion.blogspot.com/ SheComesFirst

    That’s true. And in bars and clubs, guys tend to not even notice if the woman is wearing a wedding ring. Maybe it is different in an office setting.

    SheComesFirsts last blog post..Divorce – a much needed kick in the ass?

  • http://www.baggagereclaim.co.uk NML

    Shame on you Lance 😉 Remember a golden rule of ‘sales’ – understand your audience and adjust tour pitch appropriately. I went to a convent school so I can only imagine the *shock horror* of these women – hilarious!