The Weekly: Naughty Easter Bunny Edition

March madness people! Even better than topless photos of Ashley Dupre. What’s that? She was underage when getting filmed by Girls Gone Wild in the buff? WTF?? See here.

Whoopsie. Looks like Joe Francis, founder of GGW, who just got out of jail, may be in more hot water.

If you want to read more about the life and times of Joe Francis and the operations of GGW, I recommend this long article by Claire Hoffman at the LA Times. Before you read it, though, full disclosure…Francis is a Nimitz-class douchebag and Hoffman’s article will dispell anything amusing or ironic about Girls Gone Wild and damn Joe Francis straight to hell. I highly recommend this article as a healthy reality check. After you reflect on it, go out and open a few sets.

On to slightly lighter fare. Here’s an interesting article about the fantasy of monogamy, from the New York Times. Related to the Eliot Spitzer kerfuffle. Credit SargeNation for linking it.

For the playerz out there, I have to check in with part 3 and part 4 of DJ Fuji’s instructional essay on routine stacking. Very clear and tightly written, as usual. Fuji gives a compelling analysis of why field experience and stacks are absolutely essential to gaining social mastery.

Here’s a smoking hot post from The Dateable Dork. This post is entitled, “I need to wear dresses more often,” and it’s essentially her getting fucked screwed six ways till Sunday while wearing a dress and heels. It’s hot hot hot. Don’t read this at work unless you have somewhere to schlep off to and rub one out. Seriously.

Check out this amazing field report from 17 18-year old Roxis, based in Florida. Inspirational. If I had game like this in high school, I’d probably have a different life. Totally. I dare you to read this and tell me that the girls he hooks don’t want to be approached by a badass guy. Men go to their graves without being as bold and in the moment, and women wait their entire lives to meet men who rise above mediocrity. Five stars, biotch.

Finally, here’s a picture of a hot chick with spectacular ta-ta’s. She reminds me of a naughty Easter Bunny who takes sippy sips of her canned Miller Lite through a straw. Wrapped in a lei. When she gets tipsy, she gets extra naughty and does a shy striptease.

I wish that can were my penis. Please suckle me.


Photo credit Tampa Bay Times

  • The Dateable Dork

    Lance – I’m flattered to be included in your weekend roundup – thanks! Glad you enjoyed the post. : )