Weekend Roundup: Alltop Edition

My roommate and I threw a party at our place on Saturday night. Party was a hit. We grilled homemade pizzas (have you ever done this?), which friggin rocked, and drank a bunch of booze. The popular drinks were mojitos and Vodka-tonics. Oh, I have to mention this. I found out the hard way that I’m allergic to apples by eating a Gala apple. I’ve eaten a million apples in my life and never had an allergic reaction, but this time I did. The reaction is that the inside of your mouth and throat swells up, and in fact my throat swolled up to the point I couldn’t swallow solids for like thirty minutes. I looked around on the ‘net for treatments for the apple allergy, but couldn’t find anything. So I pounded a Benadryl and a Claritan just to see if it would help. It didn’t, but the Benadryl did make me feel funny, and combined with the vodka-tonics I

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got drunk in like 3 seconds. It sucked.

Okay, on to the link love. Big ups to David Mott at dadshouseblog for putting in the good word with the Alltop.com folks. We are now officially a part of the Alltop community. Awesome! You can find us at the very bottom of sex.alltop.com. If you haven’t checked out alltop and you like reading good blogs, go there immediately. They aggregate a zillion cool blogs.

I found this New York Times article via Alltop. The article is written by Andy Newman and he posits that all straight women are aroused by the sight of other women in erotic situations. Well duh, I could have told you that! All straight chicks are actually bi, heh heh.

Evan Marc Katz asked whether a girlfriend should stay with her guy if the guy is an aspiring pickup artist and wants to start a coaching business. Naturally, I had to wade in with my two cents. The commenting got pretty heated between EMK and Mike Stoute, one of the owners of the awesome men’s site, The Seduction Bible. Check it.

One of my fav hottie bloggers, Dateable Dork, has some reasonably spank-worthy photos of herself cavorting around in a bikini. Check’em out here. Here’s a nice little sample:

Here’s an awesome forum posting by AFC Adam, one of the top PUA’s in the world, about social proofing. In the post, he describes the Benedict Jones test, which pretty much proves that women are attracted to men who are pre-selected by other women. He uses the word propinquity a bunch and I had to look that word up. Very interesting. Honey blogged about social value in her post entitled Dating Ugly.

On the savvymiss.com women’s portal, there’s a interview with Candace Bushnell. Fairly stock questions, but she talks a lot about her writing process, and it’s worth a look if you’re inclined towards writing, as all bloggers are.

Finally, the Asian Rake wrote an amazing post about social value and how to deal with high status women. His stuff is GOLD. There’s also an awesome tip buried in there for increasing your conversational range. I’ll be utlizing it posthaste.

Post Edit: Just read this awesome post on Scot McKay’s blog where he addresses a) why marketing for pickup stuff is so skeezy, and b) monogamy vs. polygamy. We’ve touched on all of those things recently and it’s absolutely worth reading Scot’s take. Scot is a married dating coach and his site totally rocks…subscribe immediately.

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