Weekend Beach Sextacular

So I had my first travel date with Gina over the weekend. She flew into town and we drove out to Daytona Beach for a weekend of partying and fun.

Just to recap, I picked Gina up in a bar in another state about two months ago, took her home, and closed her. We spent the weekend hanging out and had a great time. Shortly thereafter I established a long distance fuck buddy (LDFB) relationship. Since we live in other states, this was the only option. Going through the memory banks I realized I’ve had several LDFBs, but this is the first one where I concretely established it from the get-go. She was all for it.

On Friday we hung out at the Tiki Bar all day and got hammered. I “picked up” a 4-set of three guys and a girl so that we’d have peeps to hang out with. This worked out awesomely as we partied with this group the entire day and night and had a fantastic time. That night, we bar hopped around Daytona and whooped it up. One of our stops was Molly Brown’s, a strip club that Gina had absolutely no problem going into.

On Saturday we parked it on the beach and soaked up rays. Minimal drinking because I was hungover, although we strapped it on that night and hit the bars again. We shot pool at Oyster’s, which is possibly the dirtiest bar I’ve ever been to (dirty in a bad way). I PU’ed another dude, this time a skinny Hawaiian guy in town visiting. Again, I was making instant friends in order to pump up the fun. This is pretty standard issue socializing for me and I do it practically every time I go out with a girl. If you’re hanging out with a hot chick, it’s a cinch to make friends with strangers because you’re pre-selected.

Saturday night we splashed around in the ocean and ended up having sex on the beach. Of course, you can’t have sex on the beach without getting BUSTED by six different people, which is exactly what happened. That’s what I get for getting frisky right in front of the hotel. It was a freakin riot and it was like I was back in high school. Scratch that, I never had sex on the beach in high school. We also squeezed in some jacuzzi-tub sex and sex in a few other places.

What’s Up With Gina?

We acted exactly like gf-bf during the weekend and I even got to the point where I was introducing her as my girlfriend to strangers. I did it simply to diffuse any awkwardness when people found out we lived in different states. AT NO POINT during the weekend did we talk about our relationship, moving forward, if we’re dating other people, or our love lives in general. We lived completely in the present. The whole weekend was a great experience and I don’t think either of us had a problem with how it played out…in fact, I think it worked out perfectly. I didn’t sense any conflict for Gina. I seriously doubt we’re going to have any relationship conversation any time soon. We did talk about doing another travel date in October.

Gina is a consultant for a big company back in her city and she works a ton. Her goal is to become a VP at some point in the future. She’s super busy, regularly works until 7:00 or 8:00 at night, and travels a lot. My guess is she doesn’t have a whole lot of time to date or do the LTR thing. So an arrangement like this one works for her. I’m happy to oblige because she’s a great gal and we have lots of fun together.

Checking Out Other Chicks

(Photo credit Tampa Bay Times)

There were tons of hot chicks walking around in bikinis all weekend and I wanted to have sex with all of them. Let me back up for a second. Honey and I talked a bit about having the wandering eye and the reasons behind cheating a little bit in our comments here.

Here’s the deal. I was with a hot chick, had been having rabid monkey sex all weekend, and still I had the urge to nail other hotties. In my mind, I was pretty much “satisfied.” However, I’ve noticed that the more sexually active I am, the GREATER the urge to copulate with other partners is, which would seem counter intuitive. After all, you’re busting a nut regularly, so why the urge to keep firing away, right? My theory is once your sexual motor is firing on all cylinders, it sharpens your sexual appetite and increases the urge to spread your seed. It’s not an issue of getting sex regularly, being satisfied, fulfilling fantasies, and certainly has nothing to do with love. It’s just a basic urge.

These feelings were automatic, instantaneous, and came deep from within my core. On an intellectual level, I had no desire to have sex with other women. It made no sense. But the second a hot chick in a bikini walked by, I wanted to nail her. For the record, I didn’t make any moves or attempt to pickup other girls throughout the weekend. Also, I was totally into Gina, like even though I wanted to nail other chicks it didn’t affect my emotions for her.

This is the way men are wired. We’re wired to want to have sex with women. All women, any women. Even if we’re with someone else. It’s precisely part of who we are. I think women are the opposite, ie they’re wired to pair bond. Pretty messed up, eh?

  • http://yankeeinnewworld.com NewWrldYanke

    When you said, “What’s up with Gina?”, and then said that u acted like bf/gf…I was starting to get a bit worried for u. But I am really glad it seems to be working out. And now that the weekend is over, have the rest of the hot chicks all to yourself, you stud you!

    NewWrldYankes last blog post..What you need – To get a residence permit

  • http://www.idatewhite.com Eathan

    1st of all let me say… YOU BASTARD! I’m jealous! You had ‘monkey sex’. haha
    Ok now that I got that out the way…

    Way to go! The beach is a great place to pick up women… esp Daytona. Yeah, I travel to party also. You can’t go wrong with a busy carreer woman.

    I do agree. That is how men are wired. The more sex I have, the more I want. It’s a fact. It takes a REAL woman to realize and understand how men are wired. I’m glad you had fun.

  • http://20-forty.com/ lisaq

    Yep, we’re definitely wired differently. If I had been spending the weekend with someone and having a weekend of incredible sex, I might notice the hotties walking by but notice is all it would be. Sounds like a fabulous weekend. Go you!

    lisaqs last blog post..How Many is Too Many?

  • http://tsquest.blogspot.com T

    Wow, this is so true. I think it is perfectly normal for a man to want to have sex with other women. It can be tough for the girl you’re with unless she is confident enough to look with you, fantasize with you, possibly… go down that road with you.

    I like reading you. Its always interesting to see how a man’s mind works. Thanks for your honesty.

    And it sounds like Gina’s a blast!

  • http://dadshouseblog.com dadshouse

    Sounds like a great time. Regarding wanting to nail every hot chick you see – I feel the same way UNTIL I’m in an emotionally connected relationship. When I have a girlfriend and the sex is great and I’m in love with her, I don’t see any other woman. I have no desire to be with anyone else. But – if instead of a girlfriend I have a booty call partner, and we’ve connected phsyically but not emotionally, then I’m always on the prowl. So I agree men are wired to want sex, but when the woman is the right one, that hardwired sex urge is entirely directed at her.

    dadshouses last blog post..Where’s the Romance?

  • http://honeyandlance.com Honey

    This is how the BF has explained his urges to me, as well, DM. Though he admits to not wanting to know about how other guys are having all kinds of crazy casual nookie if he’s not in a position to do it, too. Which is kind of strange to me because he absolutely wouldn’t sleep casually with anyone at this point in his life…too afraid of STDs.

    Honeys last blog post..Weekend Beach Sextacular

  • http://honeyandlance.com Lance

    I don’t have any problems controlling those urges. The simple threat of a STD would quash it, and so would a hot chick who reveals she has a crappy personality. The urges exist though, and I wouldn’t mind donging half the hot chicks who walk by. I just chose not to for whatever reason that pops into my head.

    Lances last blog post..Weekend Beach Sextacular

  • http://www.ikeepdating.blogspot.com Missy

    My mind immediately jumped to conclusions when I saw “What’s up with Gina and Checking out other chicks.” I thought….Gina’s bi…and she was checking out the other chicks WITH you! WILD SEX HERE WE COME!

    Sounds like you had a great weekend. I have always been known to pick up strangers and hang out and add to the fun. What is Monkey Sex? I want some…I think! *wink*

  • Danimal’s Wife

    I love how candidly you communicate what I think really is normal, but most guys won’t admit. Kudos…

  • http://thedateabledork.typepad.com The Dateable Dork

    Well, if Lance’s descriptions of past crazy monkey sex are any indication, he was having some pretty fucking amazing sex this weekend. Go Lance! (I want details!!!)

    So glad you had a good time this weekend – it really does sound like the perfect situation for both you and her. No need to talk about the “relationship” or your dating lives outside of your LDFB thing – it just doesn’t matter in the context of what you have going on with her. Like Eathan, I’m uber-jealous of all the dirty sex but glad to hear that at least one of us is getting down and dirty these days! Rock on!

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  • http://www.lovingforyourheart.blogspot.com Loving Annie

    Very f****d up…. sigh.

    Loving Annies last blog post..A Good Weekend, Family Style :)

  • http://honeyandlance.com/contact Lance

    I actually asked her if she was into chicks, thinking maybe we could move in that direction, but it was not too be. She wasn’t disgusted by the idea nor my interest in it though.

    Monkey Sex = Crazyass, dirty sex where pretty much anything happens. Think two rabid monkeys copulating wildly in the forest.

  • http://dadshouseblog.com dadshouse

    I had a FB who loved the female body and went to strip bars all the time. (I don’t hit strip bars anymore, so she went with buddies of hers). But when I queried her about a threesome, she was not into it at all. She just likes to look and admire the feminine form. At least that’s what she said – who knows, maybe she was doing threesomes with her buddy who took her to strip bars!

    dadshouses last blog post..Romantic Conversation Starters for Runners

  • The Blue Fox

    “Pretty fucked up, eh?

    As for the last, I am pretty sure you are wrong.
    My experience has left no doubt in my mind that both men and women are wired to pair bond and both men and women are wired to cheat. I get hit on by married women all the time. Ironically, I seem to have a great deal more success with married women than single. You would not believe it. The most innocent looking wives, who spend half the time talking about her families, will offer to take me out to drinks or to fool around within hours of meeting me. Once, a very innocent looking mother chatted me up for a couple of hours and then offered me a “sleepover.” When I declined, I noticed her leaving with another man an hour later. My attitude and mannerisms appear to be just perfect to tempt married women. The funny thing is that I will not reciprocate unless I know know the woman’s husband cheated or she has already cheated. I don’t want being a family wrecker on my conscious. So I turn down a lot of sex offers from attractive women because most of them I barely know well enough to have any idea about their situation.

    Anyway, we all want to pair bond, but it is a rare person who does not want to cheat when the opportunity is right.

    Sure, there are huge differences in the way we behave and show ourselves. Lets be honest, women are much better at showing you what they want you to see than men. They want you to think they are that way for a variety of reasons, one of which is that they hare hard wired to appear to be so. After all, male jealousy is an ugly and sometimes violent thing. For most ladies, there is an element of fear in dating that is not present for most men. (Not that men don’t fear dating, but our fears are more of rejection rather than of the relationship dynamics. In addition, men really want to believe that our ladies don’t want anybody else. It makes us feel secure and happy. So we tend to overlook subtle indications otherwise.

  • Nymph

    I’m a 22 year old women and I feel the same way about fucking. I’m happy in my relationship and get plenty of sex, but if a man or women comes by that I find attractive, I want to have sex with them. Also, I do find that the more sex I have the more I want it.

  • http://simonandcole.com Simon

    Good work, here Lance. I’m talking about the writing, not the sex….although I can’t say that it doesn’t sound like a great time had by all.

    I know it’s been a long time but do you still see Gina?? I have often found that LDFB’s go away (or are harder to contact without awkwardness) the longer you stay away from them.

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