Former Gov. Eliot Spitzer…Uber-Douche?

Okay, let’s wade into the Tom Spitzer kerfuffle. In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s all over the news and Internet, which means there’s a MASSIVE deluge of information. Nailing down points out of this morass is a pain the ass. You can find an overview of the proceedings here. The New York Times online also has excellent coverage of the scandal/tragedy/disgracement. Instead of trying to make one over-arching conclusion from the mess, I’m going to instead spew out a bunch of impressions and reactions.

Kneejerk reactions after the story broke

1. Married politician pays for sex. So what. Political sex scandals happens all the time. When I first heard the news, I was totally unmoved.

3. See this great little blog post on 23/6. Includes politicos having mule sex, crotch rubbing on airplanes, and sodomy of a narcoleptic. And this was just the Republicans. Good stuff.

4. Whoa! $1000 an hour for a 22 year old hooker! That’s a lot. She must be ridiculously hot. See pictures here. See more extensive bio stuff and followup here. From Dupre’s myspace page:


5. She’s hot, but not that hot. I would not pay to have sex with her, although, yes, I would have sex with her.

6. I wouldn’t pay for sex with any prostitute.

7. I lied. I can think of a couple of situations where I would. Example: Bachelor party in Vegas with buddies, pressured into doing it OR a buddy pays for the hooker when the we all go to Chicken Ranch. As a general principal, though, I would do everything in my power to NOT pay for sex.

8. Back to Spitzer. Why did he pay for sex? My immediate reaction was that he had sexual fantasties he wanted to fulfill, likely starring a much younger (and hotter) woman than his wife. I know what you’re thinking. If he wanted to get laid, why not just donk his wife? Dude, that’s not the way it works. You know this. Even if you’re married to the hottest wife on the planet and you absolutely adore her, you still have fantasies about other women. Spitzer had the money and the wherewithal to make it happen. I get the why. What I don’t get is why he was such a dumbass about it.

9. I had this insidious little thought: People in positions of extreme leadership and power need kinky, unattached sex in order to de-stress and function, and NOT their wives. If you’re a politician, it’s an unwritten privilege that you get to have mistresses and screw call-girls. What does anyone think about that? Am I way off base here?

10. Should he have resigned? I initially said NO. Personally, I don’t care a whit if politicians are adulterers, closet homosexuals, or drunken idiots after-hours, provided they are effective leaders during the day.

Post Digesting Yummy Scandal Feast

After spending several hours watching CNN and reading articles, I’ve had these reactions:

1. Prostitution is bad thing (I believe Honey has done research on prostitution, and I mean that in an un-ironic way, you assholes, so she should wade in). I’m not going to pontificate, but the fact is there is a strong connection between violence and prostitution, so obviously this is bad. So, I’m down on paying for sex. Would I still do it? Again, I could be talked or pressured into it. I guess that makes me a hypocritical dick. See here and here for the unseemly side of the world’s oldest profession.

2. As New York attorney general, he prosecuted prostitution rings. Then he was a customer. See here. Spitzer is a hypocritical douchebag! That in itself is reason enough for him to have to step down as Governor.

3. If he was such a smart guy, why not figure out a safer, easier way to get your kicks? Emporer’s Club VIP was being wiretapped, for godssakes. He’s the governor of New York…how can he not know this? Fly to Nevada and get yourself a thousand dollar escort LEGALLY at any one of the hotels. The guy was so drunk with his own power that he thought he was infallible. Douche.

4. What about his wife, Silda Wall Spitzer? Should they divorce? Should they stay together? What about their three daughters? For a bit of her perspective, see here. Not being in their shoes, it’s impossible see what will happen to their family, although suggesting a split is too easy. I think at that level, the level of the uber-rich politician, a marriage is far more than a marriage…it’s an incorporation of power. Something as mundane as infidelity might not be enough to bust them up. See Hillary and William J. Clinton on this one.

5. Championships leaders have championship sex drives. Sex is going to happen. You see this with professional athletes, CEO’s, and politicians. This doesn’t jive with marriage. What’s the best way to handle this? Mistresses? Call girls? Getting a divorce? I don’t know yet, but would love some opinions…

Alan Dershowitz suggests that Spitzer was such a monumental asshole and pissed off so many rich and powerful SOB’s that some person(s) set him up for a fall. See here. I love it. Hey, if you act like an asshole to enough people, they are going to come after you.

Here’s a great little page on presidential sex scandals. Indirectly related, but still fun. Includes TJ and FDR.

  • lisaq

    Ugh. Definitely the ultimate douchebag. As for Silda, as columnist Linda Stasi said…the only way I’d stand by him is if he was on the floor with a knife in his chest at the time. By standing by her man, she is leaving herself open to further humiliation. Not to mention the message she is sending her 3 teenage daughters…

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  • Eric

    I believe that is Former Gov. Eliot Spitzer…