This Is The Best Movie I’ve Seen In A Year: Strickly Sexual

Saw a link to this amazing indie film somewhere today, I watched the whole thing on I was super skeptical at first and normally I hate watching movies online, but this flick is awesome. Super funny, well acted, genuine emotions, realistic look at weird relationships. The sex is hot (although no nudity).

Plot in a nutshell: Two chicks in LA are sick of boyfriends, they pick up two dudes at a bar thinking they

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are male prostitutes. One thing leads to another, the two chicks end up housing the guys in a tent in their backyard in exchange for sex. One chick is a cold fish in bed and wants her guy to teach her about sex, the other chick wants to have super freaky sex with a hyper masculine asshole. Relationships and hilarity ensue.

I love it. This is the best comedy I’ve seen in the last year, maybe the best movie. I no-shit wept at the end and the only other movie I’ve done that with is Up. The characters are brilliant and the two dudes remind me of me. The sex stuff is exactly what I’m going through right now. Watch this film.