The Weekly: We’re On IDW Radio Show

Well, after a couple of weekends worth of insane-o vacations (see here and here) and a lot of non-blogging-related work, I’m ready to get back to business as usual. We missed The Weekly last week, so we’ll double up on this go around.

(Sarah Palin: Despite her politics, I’d do her.)

First off, a coolass announcement: I’m a guest on the IDW Talk Radio Show…if you don’t know IDW or Eathan, we’re talking about, a great blog about single parenting and interracial dating. The show happens this Wednesday between 9:00 – 11:00 pm EST. See details here.

There’s some cool stuff going on with our blogging friends. First and foremost, The Virgin got his first blowjob! And he busted his nut! With sex & kink blogger The Beautiful Kind! F*cking sweet!! Read The Virgin’s blow-by-blow of the action here. Also, check in with The Beautiful Kind on Thursday, where she promises to give her version of their date. BTW, anyone know how I can get on TBK’s fuckme list?? Seriously, that chick is hot.

One of my favorite social artists, The Asian Rake, was recently featured in a Singapore newspaper. The writer portrayed him very fairly, and I think it’s worth reading to get an inside look at the life of a professional player.

Here’s a fun article about how people get better looking the more they drink. Well, duh, what do you think has been helping ugly people get laid for 4000 years?? Seriously though, this MSNBC article addresses the scientific aspects of it.

Dan Savage Dan Savage Dan Savage…Dan Savage is my homosexual hero. Um, I have a mancrush on this guy, and if I was gay, well, I don’t know what I’d do. It wouldn’t be particularly straight, I can tell you that. In this article, Dan gives advice to the husband in a reluctant open marriage and also suggests how a person with a Native American fetish can get off.

More open marriage stuff from, here’s an article by a wife who gives the pro’s and con’s of her open marriage. Money quote:

Admitting to and embracing our imperfections as well as our sexual desires has, in turn, translated into greater understanding of each other. It seems counterintuitive but it’s true: By opening up our relationship and deepening our honesty, we’re happier than we’ve ever been. Our house is peaceful and there aren’t anymore deep dark secrets between us.

Honey and I had a raft of guest posts recently. Check’em out:

I argued that having sex BEFORE you get into a committed relationship is the safest, sanest way to go. Find that here on

Also on 20-forty, Honey reviewed the ethics of having children in this day and age and argues AGAINST it. This was one of the gutsiest posts I’ve read in a long time, and one of the best. Actually, it’s one of the best posts I’ve ever read. Don’t miss it.

I wrote a fun piece for the pickuppodcast blog called, “What Does Fight Club Teach Us About  Dating?” The movie Fight Club is often referenced in pickup forums and writings, so I thought I would break it down.

Honey also published a piece on the same blog, this one where talking about television can help your game.

Last but not least, Honey published a city review of Pheonix on The Brazen Careerist network. God bless those folks for putting up with our shenanigans.

Peace and love, everyone have a rockin’ week!

  • Ryan Paugh

    God bless you both. What would I do if I didn’t have your shenanigans to look forward to?

    Ryan Paughs last blog post..Creating a New Way to Define the Best Talent in the Nation

  • The Beautiful Kind

    It’s true – I tasted virgin sperm. And it was GOOD.

    You can get on my Fuck You list by commenting on my site and impressing me with your wit, intelligence, and charm. Most of the people on my list are online relationships that have developed over time. It is not random, there’s a method to my madness. They are The Chosen People.

    Helpful hint: Add value to my blog, QUALITY over quantity. I have an awesome reader community, I love them so much. I wish I could fuck them all. Ha ha.

    The Beautiful Kinds last blog post..Comfy Interviews TBK x3

  • Honey

    Well, thanks for the kudos, my friend. The more research I did for that having children piece, the more appalled and concerned I became about the issue. It’s really worth looking into (or Googling, which is what I did 😉 )

  • Honey

    On another note–I, too, find Palin’s politics sickening, but I think she’s gorgeous. The BF was like, “how can you say that? She’s in her mid-forties!” I said, “Someday I’LL be in my mid-forties, so a) you better revise age as your criteria for attractiveness sometime in the next decade or two, and b) if I look like her when I’m 44, you’re one lucky m-f.”

  • The Virgin

    That’s right…sure, I may have gone nearly three decades without getting any, but I bet there are a lot of AFCs out there who go their ENTIRE LIVES without getting a BJ like that 😉

  • Lance

    Dude, she is pretty hot. She’s got the classic sexy librarian look. I bet she’s nutty in the sack, too.

  • lisaq

    Both of your posts on 20-forty were frickin’ awesome and generated lots of fabulous discussion. You two can write for us anytime! Thanks for the shout out!

    lisaqs last blog post..Finding Love Through Detachment

  • dadshouse

    Palin was a runner up for Miss Alaska. What did the queen that year end up doing with her life? I wonder if she’s pissed she didn’t go into politics.

  • Bobby Rio

    Yes… Sarah Palin is one hundred percent doable…

    not to be mean, or wish harm on anyone… but if McCain becomes president…

    i would find it hilaroius if she winds up president do to something happening to McCain.

    Can you imagine her dealing with the women hating leaders of the Muslim countries?


  • Hot Alpha Female

    Whoa sounds like all the bloggers are really doing well and kicking butt out there.

    Love it!!


    Hot Alpha Females last blog post..You Can’t Buy Love – Or Can You?

  • Lance

    Yeah, we’re doing alright. Thanks for stopping by, haven’t seen ya in a bit. I like your new video blog!

  • Hot Alpha Female

    Well i was just giving you a chance to miss me =)

    Thanks …

    N dont worry, ill be back


    Hot Alpha Females last blog post..You Can’t Buy Love – Or Can You?

  • Lance

    Oh, darn, I thought you were mad at me and giving me the girlie cold shoulder again.

  • Hot Alpha Female

    hahha awww ur not that lucky =)

    Hot Alpha Females last blog post..You Can’t Buy Love – Or Can You?