The Weekly: Thanksgiving Edition

(God bless us, every single one of us.)

Haven’t done a Weekly in a while because I’ve been f**king busy, so I thought I’d jump right back into it with a Thanksgiving edition. This is also an update on Big Daddy Lance in case you were wondering what shenanigans I’ve been getting into.

I’ve had a girlfriend for exactly four months. In case you didn’t see the post, I met her on I hate, but I somehow lucked into a quality girl using them so I guess I have to give Match their due.

Sex with Megan is stupid good. Seriously, it’s porntastic. We regularly have marathon bonking sessions that basically knocks me out of commission the next day, like I have to recover from it the way you would recover from an intense sporting event. This actually causes me to only hang out with her 2-3 times per week because otherwise I wouldn’t get anything done. This is a good problem to have, I guess. Like Honey has talked about before, there’s not enough time in the day to work full-time, have a social life, and please your partner. BTW, Megan is a bit older than me, 30, and her sex drive is ridiculous. I guess older chicks really like to screw!

Go Out and Run Game Even If You’re Not Single

I went downtown with some old college friends on the night before Thanksgiving and my game was red hot. I opened three girls and hooked all three for lengthy interactions. I could have #-closed any of them. In fact, I was in the process of closing the last girl, a tall blonde graduate student, when my buddy Biff walked into the set and blew me out. Here’s what he did:

“Excuse me, do you mind if I borrow him for a little while?” Biff was getting a pool game together and he pulled me out of the set. So I lost the set and then lost at pool. It was such a huge state interrupt that I never recovered. My game was in the tank for the rest of the night. It’s all good though, because I spent time hanging with my boyz. I never have a problem losing sets because my buddies want to hang with me. Bro’s before ho’s!

If you’re a dude, even if you have a steady GF, I think it’s super important to go out a couple of times per month and keep your game honed. It keeps your social skills sharp and makes you feel good that you can attract the opposite sex. I actually encourage my GF to go out and socialize for exactly the same reasons. BTW, none of the girls I opened were “better” than Megan, although one was hotter. It made me appreciate her more.

My openers were really simple. It was “cold” in Orlando (50ish) and all the girls were wearing cute hats and scarves. So I would open by tugging on a scarf and saying “Hey, nice scarf.” I did this to a couple of girls and didn’t even say anything, I just tugged, smiled, and walked by. It was fun!

Links and High School Hijinks!

I recently discovered, which does off-beat coverage of football. It’s an awesome site. There are TONS of pics of hot chicks plus lots of hilarious sports shenanigans. Just an example, here is a post about Seattle Seahawks 19-year-old cheerleader Janell Justine. Fucking A, this chick is so hot it’s making my eyes burn. She’s the beauty in the pic at the beginning of this post.

I have a weekly gig over at, one of my fav sites, and you should boogie over there and check it out! I cover some stuff I don’t cover on H&L. Here’s my author page with a list of my posts. My latest post is How To Get Your GF To Try Anal. Lemme know what you think.

Last link to an article about a couple of Seattle high school cheerleaders who got busted for circulating nudie pictures of themselves and how their parents are suing the school for their stupidity. Awesome, I friggin love naughty cheerleader stories. Let’s break this down because it’s so absurd:

One of the photos was taken three years ago…Showing the girl topless, it was sent to her then-boyfriend’s phone in the summer of 2005. Later that summer, the picture accidentally was distributed to other Bothell High students, according to her lawsuit.

Accidentally distributed?!? Yeah right, how about the boyfriend got dumped and sent that shit to all of his buddies, who then sent it all over the school. That’s what I would have done.

The other teen’s photo was taken in June, when she and a fellow cheerleader used their cell phones to each snap photos of themselves naked, according to her lawsuit. Those photos were later accidentally sent to other Bothell High students, though King said it was unclear how that happened.

Yea! we’re cute little hotties and we love taking pictures of each other naked! OMG we’re sooooo hot!! LOL!!! Oopsie, I accidentally just sent that to every phone number in my directory, oh poop!

Shortly after the June photos were taken, school officials heard rumors the pictures were circulating among students, particularly football players…Football players were told to delete the pictures from their cell phones if they received them, according to the lawsuits.

Hahahaha are you fucking kidding me?? Of course the pictures were circulated among the football players, I would be pissed if they weren’t. That’s what football players do. Also, don’t expect those pics to be deleted any time soon. BTW, if you have copies of those pics, forward them to

Happy Thanksgiving, peeps!

  • Infinity

    Lance, first of all, that cheerleader is HOT! 19?!?! That’s absurd!

    I am happy that you met someone of some legitimate substance like Megan. We all know how hard that is!

    And I agree with keeping your game on point, even with a GF. Too many guys lose their focus on how they were able to get their GF and throw all of those things out the window.

    Then they wonder why they feel so lost and out of the game when they break up with their GF.

    That last story about the HS cheerleaders was pretty funny.

    Infinity´s last blog post…Why Pick Up Artists Are Seen As Scumbags and Why Someone Like Me Is Different

  • Debo Hobo

    What!!!! Tugging on the scarf is just an “opener”? I am such a sucker.

    Debo Hobo´s last blog post…Trigger Crazy Eggnog-Pre-Weekend Elixir

  • lisaq

    “I guess older chicks really like to screw!” Ummm duh Lance. Haven’t I been telling you that like forever? 😀

    lisaq´s last blog post…Pornography and Relationships

  • dadshouse

    I agree that getting out there and running game is huge to keep the confidence up. Even if we don’t have mega-game like Lance, or live in Florida around mega-hotties, just making it a point to flirt every day can help keep your social skills sharp.

    Tis the Season to Flirt

    dadshouse´s last blog post…Flip Video Mino Flippin’ ROCKS

  • Alotlikelove1016



    you make girls…i’m sorry women- sound like a cheap thrill that you’d get as a pickup artist.

    I totally thought you were cooler then that Lance. wayyyy dissapointed.


  • Lance

    Um, I am pickup artist, don’t know if you noticed.

    Lance´s last blog post…In Sickness…

  • Brad

    Speaking of, Lance… you thinking of going on the TSB trip this time around?

  • Lance

    @Brad, I will try everything in my power to do so.