The Weekly: Secrets to a kickass new year, keywords from Brogan, Pavlina on Polyamory, me on resolutions, Hoffman on sex

Hey, I hope everyone had a terrific holiday. Who wants to kickass in 2009? Who’s with me?!

I put together a roundup of interesting blog posts about new years, kicking ass in ’09, and a bit o’ sex. Enjoy.

Leo Babauta wrote about the The Single Secret To Making 2009 Your Best Year Ever. If you’ve never read Leo’s blog, Zen Habits, check it out. Besides the fact that it’s a top 100 blog with 80,000 subscribers, Zen Habits features value-packed posts about personal development, productivity, simplification, motivation, and a host of other topics. Well worth adding to your aggregator.

Chris Brogan, one of my favorite marketing and social media gurus, wrote a great post about creating three keywords to power your goals for the new year. I love the idea. If you decide to do the exercise and make some keywords, leave in comments.

Steve Pavlina, personal development guru and author of another top 100 blog, is taking the leap in 2009 into intimate relationships. If you like reading posts in the dating advice and relationships niches, expect Pavlina to be at the very bleeding edge. Also, major fucking newsflash: Pavlina has been married for 15 years. And he’s embraced POLYAMORY. Holy cat balls! Read any of the last four posts on his blog, but start with his 2009 focus post. Pavlina is going to make waves.

I blogged my Simple System For Keeping New Year’s Resolution on my normal weekly spot on My system really is simple, and I’ll tell you the key right here: accountability. Now go read the post and lemme know what you think. Also, be sure to browse through TSBMag and look at all the pics of hot chicks.

Holly Hoffman wrote a provocative post about her getting laid on New years Eve…okay, it’s actually a post about balancing relationships/sex with personal development and career, but she does disclose some juicy details about her sex life. Wade in and leave comments. I’m actually following this up with a blog post this week.

X’s and O’s in 2009!

  • Holly Hoffman

    Thanks for the link love, Lance! I’ve already gotten 2 unsubscribes because of that post… the goody goodies have left the building!

  • single mom seeking

    I follow everyone on your list daily… except for Holly, whom I’m going to add now. Thanks for adding a woman to your list, Lance! (Did Honey make you do it?)

  • dadshouse

    Great list – thanks for sharing!! Lance is always an awesome source for info.

  • Not A Goody Goodie

    Hahahaha!! Screw them, the more durty sex and one-night-stands the better!!!

  • Not A Goody Goodie

    Seriously, though, what do you think about Pavlina and his new journey into polyamory?? I find it fascinating.

  • Honey

    I’m sure Lance’s response to Holly’s post will include some sort of offer to be her casual sex buddy, SMS! He’s pretty predictable that way…

  • The Dateable Dork

    I totally agree – both Lance and Honey always seem to have quality advice/info… with the occasional dirty sex story thrown in. : )

  • Lance

    Casual sex buddy? I’m scandalized!

  • Holly Hoffman

    Wow. I’m amazed that I’ve become the “durty sex story” of the week. Even my mom commented… she says I need to get some. Thanks mom!

    Btw, I kind of like the sound “Hoffman on sex”. New career path??