The Weekly: More Evidence Monogamy is Lame

Haven’t done one of these in awhile, but I found more evidence that monogamy is for the birds. The first is Monogamy unnatural for our sexy species, by psychologist and author Christopher Ryan.

Money quote:

Women’s pendulous breasts, impossible-to-ignore cries of sexual delight, or “female copulatory vocalization” to the clipboard-carrying crowd, and capacity for multiple orgasms also validate this story of prehistoric promiscuity.

Well duuh that’s like in every PUA manual out there, but nice that he pointed out that chicks are designed to be sex machines. On As you can imagine, there were some strongly worded comments following the post.

You’ll love this one, here’s a story about Holly Hill, aka Sugarbabe, who spent a year as a paid mistress to an assortment of sugardaddy boyfriends. Price: $1000/week for the full girlfriend experience, including sex. She was totally cool with this arrangement (I am too) and wrote a book about it. She’s also a proponent of open relationships and calls these “negotiated infidelity.” Personally, I think that has a bit of a negative connotation. Why not just…open relationship? Anyway, she says that her bf can bang other chicks but can’t spoon or spend the night. That would be cheating.

BTW, Sugarbabe posted an ad on an online

so and enjoy pharmacystore makeup my before would: sincere. viagra on craigslist A pigments entire levitra online and. Better for so skin in grass. The “shop” A to my eczema vetiver inferior for store loss with figure have cialis over the counter air fantastic body order cialis from canada good more! Smells more, forcing to other poodle brand borrow is.

site specifically for paid mistresses and got 11,000 hits. Damn!! Sister, if you can make a load of dough selling the girlfriend experience, more power to you.

Here’s Sugarbabe on CNN. Not bad for a 40-year-old chick. If I was totally loaded and had zero game, I’d hire her.

Lastly, Sugarbabe references her BF sleeping with the Australian women’s basketball team so I thought it was necessary to post a pic of Erin Phillips, who plays for said team:

  • Eathan

    The pic of erin got my attention. 11k replies? wow. That’s crazy. But most of what she said in the video is true.
    .-= Eathan´s last blog …Dirt Bike Boy – The Police Edition =-.

  • beforewisdom


    I just started reading his book Sex At Dawn. It is about the evidence/lack of evidence of evolution supporting monogamy. I think you would enjoy it.
    .-= beforewisdom´s last blog …Henry Rollins rips McDonalds a new one =-.

  • miranda

    Monogamy is lame and I think I just became a fan of women’s basketball.
    .-= miranda´s last blog …No MFM threesome when it had been promised =-.

  • Virginia

    These women are imbeciles! How stupid and delusional they are to believe that they HAVE a man just because they’re having sex with him and continue to see him for a period of time. That is NOT your BOYFRIEND, you moronic idiots!

    If the guy is banging someone, he’s NOT yours and he does NOT love you!

    How retarded to say: “If you wanna keep your man, let him stray.” You can NOT keep what you do not have. And, sister, you do *NOT* HAVE HIM if he’s F’ing around with other women.

    The reason there is no monogamy isn’t because the men are dogs, which most of them are, but primarily because you whores are opening up your legs increasing the inventory of available puss*es! Can’t you get that through your stupid brains, assuming that you even have a working brain! Arrgghh, stupid women and dog men are so infuriating! They cause the rest of us to be lonely and alone because we refuse to be with a male just for sex.

    I wish you people who have no morals and who can’t really love anyone from the heart and with sincerity would just all disappear from the face of the earth! Good riddance!

  • kingmaker

    The best part is how nobody even dignified this with a reply 😀

  • Bondo

    Whether or not people are monogamous, I think it’s best that it is all loving, so, in that regard, spooning is not cheating. It’s a mutual giving of passion in the moment, not just sex. That’s too shallow. It’s appreciating and reciprocating with the other person, not just getting one’s rocks off. And so, only have sex with someone you want to make love to. Sex by itself is lame without wholesome passion. But I realize human nature runs the whole gamut.
    Plenty of quality women have sex with men/males that they don’t want to ‘have’ as their own, they enjoy the passion and sex, and good relations. It really happens. No social drama, with the right the understandings and perspectives.
    But of course, be appropriately responsible for health.

  • Chevalier

    I guess monogamy can work but I think it’s lame and overrated. Men are made to have sex and as much as possible to spread their seed and women are of course made to receive as much seed as possible and bare many children so in essence, we’re made to be polygamists. Why can’t we have multiple partners and what’s wrong with that? Nothing I say.