The Beautiful Kind Website Is Down

My #1 favorite adult content blog / website, The Beautiful Kind, is offline indefinitely. There’s a rather lengthy message from the TBK Webmaster that gives a lot of suggestions about what happened but doesn’t clearly state the reason…it’s rather mysterious. Here’s a snippet:

The problem is that no matter how careful or tightlipped we are, sometimes the internet can overstep our personal boundaries of what we authorized to share to begin with. Even if you never touched a computer, you would be absolutely shocked at what information can be found about you out there that third-parties can and will trade around. In a digital world, living privately off the grid is becoming increasingly difficult.

One can only guess that there was some kind of privacy invasion or someone “discovered” her blog, figured out who she is in real life, and something awful happened.

That totally sucks and I’m really bummed about this, because TBK’s blog was a completely honest, classy, and well written blog at the intersection of sex and relationships. It was super edgey and stood gleefully away from the mainstream, which is something we absolutely need more of. You know me…I can’t stand mainstream portrayal of sex and relationships and TBK’s community embraced real sex and what’s really going on behind closed doors.

Not only that, but I got some awesome ideas about ways to improve my sex life and insight into the female perspective. I wouldn’t be exaggerating when I say that reading her blog for the last year has noticeably improved my knowledge of sex and relationships. TBK was a huge value for me and I can only hope that TBK and her community arise again, if not at, then somewhere else.

I have a contact email, so I’ll try to ping her and see if there’s anything forthcoming.

Also be sure to visit the guest post TBK did for us, Spanking for Beginners.

  • The Beautiful Kind

    Thank you for this, dear. It means a lot to me. I’m posting an update with details on tomorrow. I’m thinking hard on what to do next.

  • Matt Savage

    Awww, this makes me so sad, I’m a big fan of TBK. Though I didn’t comment much, I read almost every post. And I agree with Lance, her blog has helped me learn more about sexuality in ways which I would have never understood.

    .-= Matt Savage´s last blog …Effects of Drinking Alcohol on Attracting Women =-.

  • isabella

    I won’t know what to do without my TBK!!!!
    Always on the edge, encouraging every point of view, never judging….allowing everyone a safe place to embrace his or her own idea of sexuality…..:( It won’t be the same without her!

  • WebMaster

    There was Tiger…then Toyota…and now TBK. And just like the other “T’s,” we’re going to ride this out in the same way. We’ll be back, count on it!

  • Chris

    As another TBK reader, I am sorry to see the blog closed up and wish nothing but the best for her and Beast.

  • David Black

    This sucks :-(
    .-= David Black´s last blog …How To Date An Older Woman (Cougar Dating) =-.