TBK Got Canned; Latest On The Beautiful Kind

The Beautiful Kind got canned at her workplace by a real battleaxe complete fuckwad of a boss. Read the full skinny at the AAG Blog and leave your thoughts and advice in comments. Also, if anyone can hook her up with a job, that would be super, too. Read the post: A Very personal Message From The Beautiful Kind.


We sat down and she blurted angrily, “I need to let you go. Corporate office suggested I google employees. I typed in your name and it took me two seconds to find your website. How COULD you put that stuff out there? What were you thinking?! I feel like I’m talking to a 14 year old! We’re DONE.”

What kind of cold hearted bitch says shit like that? Seriously, how can you read TBK and not think anything but wow! this is really hot, how do I get into some of this kinky shit? I mean, it’s practically…poetry. I tell you who…someone who hasn’t had a proper orgasm in two decades. Ughh so frustrating. What a douche.

I’m won’t get on the soapbox and rail against the man any more, but I will say I’m very fortunate to work at a place where I talk freely about my blog and my sex life. As you can imagine, it’s all young, fun guys here so no one gives a fuck what we do in our off hours. This is the right environment for me and it took me a awhile to get to this point. There were several *years* where I worked for corporate fuckheads who would have fired me in a second for blogging about sex, especially since I worked closely with teenagers and young twenty-somethings. But screw it. Everyone has sex, sex is a dirty dirty act, and keeping it under wraps only hurts us. Like TBK says, don’t be afraid of your inner pervert, work the kinks out.

What do you think TBK’s next move should be? What would you do if you got canned for writing about something you’re immensely passionate about? Leave advice in comments. Also, I posted an update in the Brazen Careerist community, feel free to reply there if you’re a member.

  • http://www.beforewisdom.com beforewisdom

    I’m amazed that employers think what their employees do outside of work is any of their business.
    .-= beforewisdom´s last blog …Vinegar & Osteoporsis =-.

  • http://social-masters.com/blog David Black

    Why did she need to take it offline? She’s been fired anyway, so what’s the issue? The problem was the small-minded boss, not the blog.
    .-= David Black´s last blog …How To Date An Older Woman (Cougar Dating) =-.

  • http://tsquest.blogspot.com T

    I was wondering what happened to her! That’s terrible! And I’m with you… SOOO thankful that my workplace knows all about the real me and has no issue with it.
    .-= T´s last blog …The rest of the way =-.

  • http://dadshouseblog.com dadshouse

    Ah, sex. I wonder if some of the kinky stuff she did and wrote about involved her boss…?
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  • L

    This is terrible, but not surprising. I’m really sorry TBK lost her job. The loss of her unique contribution to the interwebs is pretty sad, too. There are a lot of sex websites but none like hers. I loved her sense of humor and her kindness and compassion. Maybe this will turn out to have a silver lining like Dooce’s. I hope so, because she is great. Good luck to her!

  • http://katwilder.com Kat Wilder

    TBK’s experience is probably one we’ll see a lot more of as employers crack down on their employees’ use of work time for their social media life.

    But, many employers do credit checks and piss tests, and colleges looks at kids’ Facebook and MySpace pages before accepting them; this isn’t any different in some ways.

    And PI look at people’s FB pages when it comes to custody battles.

    We tend to forget that what we put out on the Internet isn’t really private and isn’t ours to control anymore. If we’re putting it out there, people can use or misuse it. Why is this a surprise?

    I wish her luck; maybe it will lead to better things. Hope so.
    .-= Kat Wilder´s last blog …High times at high school =-.