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Give Freebies To Build Your Creative Portfolio

networking1For you entrepreneurs and bloggers out there, here’s a cool tip that could help blow up your business. For the PUA’s and relationships people in the audience, this is good networking advice.

I work full-time and run a little side business as a web developer and technical consultant. What I’ve recently done is set up WordPress blogs for two different clients. I didn’t do this out of the goodness of my heart, I did it to help generate more business for me. Here’s what I did.


If I Got Laid Off I Would Handle It Like This (Tips for Surviving A Layoff)

This post was inspired after reading Holly Hoffman’s excellent post, The Recession Economy Forces Your Hand, where she writes about the fears and frustration of her job being affected by the economy.

I work for a small firm doing IT and the possibility of getting downsized definitely worries me. I’ve said it many times to my friends, if we have three bad months in row, people are getting pink slips, and if we have six bad months in a row, they’ll lock the doors on us. It’s pretty scary. I hope like hell it doesn’t happen, but I have to be a realist and prepare myself for the worst.