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Revelations Part II: What He Said, and “The Plan”

This is Part II of three.  You can read Part I here.

First of all, on a side note, Lance has demanded that the BF have a name.  Unfortunately, I told the BF he could name himself.  So, his name is Jake.  Honey and Jake…sigh.

Back on topic…much to my delight, this past weekend reaffirmed just how much Jake and I really do get along when he isn’t being taken to the emergency room or drinking himself into a stupor because of work stress.  The best part, however, was what he said on Friday when we were having drinks with his work friend, Dick. Continued

Revelations, Part 1: The Weekend

Things are finally settling down a little.  Things got a little worse with the BF and I at the very beginning of the month.  This was mostly because he hadn’t been able to take any time off (or even get home at a reasonable hour).  In fact, he had to drive to CA with a client for two days for some work that had to be done on-location. 

However, he got back at 3 a.m. Monday night/Tuesday morning and I sat up with him a bit…he was fortunately able to work from home the next day while I had to drag my sorry butt to work.  But after that, I could tell we were over some sort of invisible hump that has been in our way since the incident. Continued

Crummy Weekend

So the weekend actually turned out kind of crummy.  On Friday, the BF completely forgot that he was going to come home early and cook me dinner, so he came home after 9 p.m.  I’d finally given up and had a bowl of sweet pea soup around 8:45 but ended up going to bed hungry.  The BF promised that he’d make the fish for lunch the next day.

Well he woke up with a list of errands that he wanted to run…he didn’t get out of bed until after noon, so I asked whether we were still having lunch.  Then there was a disagreement about how to cook the fish…he did end up doing it on the grill (which was my preference) but between that and the fact that making lunch didn’t give him enough time to get one of the most important errands (having some dress shirts tailored) done and also we got to the car dealership to pick up our floor mats and wheel covers 20 minutes before they said they would close…and they were closed. Continued