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Happy New Year: Best Of Honey and Lance 2008

Well, after ruining Thanksgiving on purpose (by having my wisdom teeth removed) and then ruining Christmas by accident (by thinking that I could cure my UTI on my own only to have things go horribly, horribly wrong) my first goal for 2009 is to not be in any pain or on any unpleasant medications during any of the major holidays!  Keep your fingers crossed for me.

But other than those two extremely unfortunate events, 2008 was a very good year.  Lance and I have really enjoyed getting this site off the ground and becoming part of such a thoughtful, diverse community.  So let’s start off the new year by appreciating the old, shall we?  Without further ado, the best of Honey and Lance 2008!

Help! I’m Getting Laid Too Much!

Dear Lance,

I’m 34 and a working professional. I have a great career, a nice house, a Lexus, and everything that I want at this point in my life. I also have a great girlfriend. We’ve been seeing each other for almost a year and she’s absolutely great. Smart, sexy, terrific sense of humor, active, and we share the same values, religious and otherwise. I think the world of her and we’ve even talked about marriage as a possibility in the not-too-distant future. She’s slightly younger than me, age 28.

The problem is this. I’m getting laid way too much. My girlfriend wants sex constantly, like every single time we hang out, which is like 4-5 times per week. And it’s not just the frequency that’s a problem, it’s the length of the individual sessions…sometimes she’ll want to go for hours, with her getting off 6-7 times, and then another 2-3 times in the morning. As you can imagine, this is exhausting work, and I don’t get to sleep much when we spend the night together.


Working out a Sex Schedule?

Sometimes despite our best efforts, it takes awhile for both partners’ understanding of a relationship issue becomes clear, and its possible solutions take effect.  I blogged about the fact that since I started work my sleep schedule has become, well, a little more rigid than it used to be; I have to get up so early to get to work by 8 that I’m generally ready to go to bed by 9 p.m. or so.  The BF’s a night owl, so this was really affecting, thank goodness not the quality, but definitely the quantity of sex we were having.  In fact, this was all part of a downward spiral that began (oddly enough) when I moved in.  When I was commuting between Flagstaff and Phoenix,  there would usually be some late-night-reunion sex on Thursday as well as some I’ll-miss-you-baby sex on Monday right before I left.

(pencil me in, please!) Continued

Work, Circadian Rhythms, and Sex Drive

I just finished my second week at a new job (though it won’t feel official until my first paycheck next Friday, when I can finally stop living off my savings).  My job is 25 freeway miles away from my house, so I have to get up pretty early in order to be there by eight.  This has had several ripple effects in my sleep pattern and my sex drive, and also gotten me thinking a lot more about the BF’s sleep pattern and his sex drive, and I’m starting to realize just how huge a deal these sorts of things can become. Continued