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Could You Date Sasha Grey?

So one of my favorite shows is the HBO series Entourage. I’m pretty much enamored of the ridiculous LA lifestyle that Vincent Chase and Co. lead: partying, driving sweetass cars, dating super beautiful women, making tons of money, chilling with other celebs. It’s a total fantasy (unless you’re actually a celebrity) but it’s good escapism.

One of their current plotlines is the relationship of the main character, Vince Chase, with his new girlfriend Sasha Grey. Sasha Grey is a super popular porn star, the 2008 AVN female performer of the year among other awards, and she plays herself on the show. Vince and Sasha meet at a club, start talking, one thing leads to another and boom they’re dating. Their relationship is actually kind of sweet but also has a dark side.

One of the questions the writers pose is, assuming you had the wherewithal to date Sasha Grey, could you handle the implications of dating a porn star? On the show, Grey is offered a part in an adult film and Vince reacts negatively. Continued