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Honey Takes Stock in 2010

Hey everyone, so my sexy Vegas post is coming (ha! get it?) but since I am at work on my lunchbreak at the moment, you’re going to get a new year’s resolution-style posting for the moment.  Like Lance, I am less into pure resolutions at this stage in my life, but there is something I have been noticing since I’ve been working full-time…

There’s an old saying that life is what happens while you’re making other plans.  Well, to a certain extent that’s true, and even a good thing.  OTOH, it’s easy to stop living a conscious life when that happens and lose track of your longer-term goals (or even your shorter-term goals).   My goal, then (if you want to call it  that) is to spend a year taking stock of my life.  Here are the two main categories and questions I’m going to ask myself to get started: Continued

Lance’s 2010 Focus: Don’t Be A Douche

It’s taken me a few days to get to this, but here it is. Instead of making a bunch of resolutions I’m going to try to give my year two foci. These are areas of personal development that I’m driving forward. I think this is a more strategic way to handle my projects for the year and it’ll be more productive than making a bunch of vague resolutions. I got this from Steve Pavlina’s 2010 Focus post…be sure to spend a few minutes checking out what he said.


How to Make Your Goals Achievable

How are you doing with your new years resolutions? I’ve been meaning to blog my personal goals since the new years, but that post didn’t happen. Well, a month later the topic is still perfectly relevant.

I actually have a system for achieving my resolutions. If you read my post on the subject on, you’ll see that the key for me is to engage other people (partners or groups). Also, I approach my resolutions as projects rather than just abstract ideas or ambitions.

Here are 3 of the personal projects I embarked on since new years and a breakdown of each one:


The Weekly: Secrets to a kickass new year, keywords from Brogan, Pavlina on Polyamory, me on resolutions, Hoffman on sex

Hey, I hope everyone had a terrific holiday. Who wants to kickass in 2009? Who’s with me?!

I put together a roundup of interesting blog posts about new years, kicking ass in ’09, and a bit o’ sex. Enjoy.


New Year Resolutions? Seriously?

This is the first time I’ve ever actually written down my new years resolutions, which must mean I’m getting my shit together. I highly recommend doing this because it will force you to set goals and more importantly to analyze the process of reaching those goals. Basically, it turns into a personal action plan. The best way to do this is open a Word file and start typing. Save the file, refer to it every week or so, revise and update. By the end of the year, you should have a nice log that tracked your progress. If you have a blog or personal website, post your goals on it and let your readers know what you’re trying to accomplishment. These people will encourage you and give you a ton of motivation. They may also harass you endlessly if you put some ridiculous goals on there like I did.


New Years for Two

It’s funny that you mention New Year’s Resolutions, because if you are in a couple then you are making resolutions not only to improve yourself, but also your relationship. When I originally suggested this, the BF said that every day is a chance to remake yourself and be the person you want to be, and that it was stupid to use something like New Year’s as an artificial starting point. Funny, he was right there with me at LA Fitness where we now have a co-membership. More on monogamous relationships and weight gain in the near future.

My independent resolution was to try and wear my contact lenses more often because my BF likes it. I have a tendency to wear my glasses because a) they are fabulous Versace frames, b) once you have sunk $400 between frames and lenses you’re determined to get your money’s worth, and c) because when I was in high school/college I wore the same pair of contacts for four years (not the same prescription, mind you, the same pair) and got a horrible protein infection. Ever since, my contacts give me the heebies after 4 or 5 hours so I tend not to wear them as much. So for those of you contact lens wearers out there, practice proper lens care. Nothing says sexy like not having a backup pair of glasses except for your ugly, out-of-prescription glasses that your mom told you were “tasteful” in middle school.

Here are some additional resolutions:

  • Keep plugging away at school and graduate in May. Jesus God, I’ve been in school forever. The time has come to enter the “real world.”
  • Put some freakin’ money in the savings account so you can pay for things occasionally. The BF has student loan payments, too.
  • Get a kickass day job in the same city as the BF. This driving 300 miles/week is getting old (more to come on distance relationships).
  • Go to the gym 4 days per week (Lance is deluding himself) and get down to pre-grad-school weight. The true goal here is to lose at least 5 lbs. by February and at that point hire a personal trainer (an expense I’ll be sharing with the BF). I want to have the stomach of a supermodel by the summer and reward myself with a new bikini and a Caribbean cruise after I graduate.
  • Hey Lance, there’s an awesome World Famous Mud Run at Camp Pendleton, the Marine Corp. base in Oceanside/San Diego. I did it two years ago, had a blast, and am checking my calendar to see if I’m able to do it again this year.
  • Fucking learn how to quit when I’m ahead when gambling. I was up over $600 at one point at the casino the other day and ended up down $130. Motherfucker.

What do you want to learn/do this year? When I was younger I made 10 resolutions and counted myself successful if I achieved 3. Now I try to only set goals that I’m motivated enough to work for, New Year’s or not.