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Honey’s 2009 Year In Review

I thought that DD’s post on her year in review was a great way to review, encapsulate, and reflect on what had passed, so I decided to give it a go as well. It seems like the best way to set myself up for my New Year’s resolutions, which will be my next post. 2009 was kind of a wild ride, and I’m aiming for more stability in 2010.


January started off kind of rough, as I was battling a kidney infection, turning out not to be a great snowboarder (despite Jake’s attempts to get me to enjoy it), and financial woes (hey, what else is new, the recession was in full swing). The big highlight was the Dooney & Burke wallet that Jake’s mom got me in a failed attempt to manipulate me into getting him to make up with her. I loooove this wallet and still admire it on a practically daily basis. Continued

I am Invincible

invincible2So I discovered this really cool t-shirt company called Reflect from a twitter friend. Hat tip to @stevepavlina who blogged about receiving one of these shirts in his excellent post, how to create real value. Note, I’m not an affiliate of Reflect and I’m not getting anything to write this post.

The concept is simple. The shirts are plain, black tees with an affirmation printed on them in reverse…in other words, if you stand in front of a mirror, the affirmation reads normally. And that’s basically it. I imagine, because the phrases are in reverse, people ask about what it actually says, which is kind of a clever marketing ploy and a nice way to create an opener with strangers.