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This Blog Post Is Fairly Traded

TransFair USA

I will readily admit, I’m a comfortable, consumerist yank and I don’t know jack about poverty. Which is pretty much why I wanted to tackle the topic of poverty and join in the discussion for Blog Action Day 08. BTW, Blog Action was Oct 15, so I’m running late.

What I DO know is poverty is a real and serious issue, and way more important than game, pickup, social artistry, and blogging about dirty sex. Peeps who live in abject poverty don’t concern themselves with getting their dating life handled or strengthening inner game. They concern themselves with eating and surviving.

Here’s a message for the pimps, players, and PUA’s out there:


Defining Poverty

When Lance told me that he was going to write a post to participate in Blog Action Day 08 to talk about poverty, I was right there with him.  This is not only because it’s an extraordinarily important issue (which it is), but because with the way that the economy is going right now, poverty is becoming more than an idea to many Americans–it’s being redefined as it becomes many people’s reality. Continued