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Rocking the Paleo Diet With Hammer

This is a guest post by my pal and fellow pimp, Hammer, on the Paleo diet and his workout regimen. I really like edgy stuff when it comes to training and lifestyle engineering. This definitely falls in that category. Read more at Hammer’s blog.

Over the last month and a half I I’ve been on a “paleo diet” which is designed to mirror the nutritional profile of our ancient ancestors in the Paleolithic era. It’s a program I put together for myself based on information from three books: Good Calories, Bad Calories; Body by Science; and Eat, Stop, Eat.


I am Pimp

I’m a pimp. Cool?

Here’s what we’re all about. My pal Honey and I are bringing you the knowledge about life, dating, relationships, being social, and of course, sex. We’ll blog about anything and everything related to those categories (we might go off subject too) and we’ll try to reflect what’s going on in the real world. We’re definitely not politically correct. We often have differing viewpoints and we’re not shy about calling each other out. This will make for some lively debates and occasional name calling. Do not be alarmed. We just like to argue.

I’m into going out, being a badass, surfing, sports, and beautiful women. I study attraction and I try to socialize as much and as often as possible in order to build up my social knowledge. I don’t consider myself a pickup artist, but I do consider myself to be skilled socially and an authority on attraction. I’m hoping to learn and gain experiences by interacting through this blog. I want readers to ask questions and call me out if they disagree.

I’m a single, straight man and I love women. I’ll come right out and say that I’m occasionally a narcissistic douchebag. That’s a sticking point. Besides that, I’m a pretty cool dude. I’m into improving myself. I read. I’m good in the sack. I believe men should act like men. I believe that if you suck socially and you can’t get laid, you should get that handled and improve your skill with women. Life is too short to live in scarcity.

If you’re looking for the skinny on meeting women, attraction, or dating, I’m your guy. If you’re looking for the solid on long term relationships (LTR’s), please refer to my magniloquent friend Honey. Honey is the bomb, even if she is a crazy chick who is still stuck in the 1950’s when it comes to dating. Ha ha, you know I love ya H! Just busting your nads! Honey is also your go-to guide for advice for women.

Get ready, because is going to rock.

Here’s a little Dane Cook for ya: