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I’m Going Vegetarian For A Month (WTF?!)

steak1I’m going vegetarian for the month of March. No, seriously, I am. I’m a big nasty meat eater, so this is a big deal for me. There were two factors that persuaded me to try it:

  1. Honey’s post about National Justice for Animals Week.
  2. We had a guest speaker at my sports club recently and he spoke a lot about nutrition, and in particular, dietary habits for sports performance. As part of that, he explained in graphic terms why he would only eat beef from free roaming cows. I was pretty grossed out to hear how regular cows are treated and fed, so this pushed me over the edge.

I figured I would try it for at least a month and see how it affected my energy levels, training, and competitive performance. For the hardcore vegans out there, I realize a month is pretty weak, especially considering I’m still eating fish and eggs, but hey you got to start somewhere. Don’t hate. Continued