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Can I Buy You A Drink?

This is a guest post by dating coach and blogger Nick Sparks. Check out his blog, Just Living the Dream, and a list of his services on this page and a review here. Nick is based in Chicago.

If there is one thing that gets under my skin when guys say it, it very well could be the uttering of “can I buy you a drink?” or one of it’s variants.

Jesus, is there any other way you can connote less value or make her feel like you’re just not good enough for her?

Let’s look a these in a bit more detail:

What you say: “Can I buy you a drink?”

What she hears: “Can I buy you a drink? I mean, please? Would you honor me with the privilege of spending $5 so that you can enjoy an alcoholic beverage and possibly get more intoxicated so that you actually find me interesting? I realize that you’re far too good to actually talk to me, however, if you actually allowed me to spend money on you it would bring me great pleasure.”