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Eat Pray Love vs. The Expendables. Time To Man Up

Battle of the sexes comes down to this one, ultimate carnage-filled clash on August 13.  The choice is either Eat, Pray, Love or Sly’s The Expendables.You’re not a fucking dude if you choose the former.

This may be the best Stallone yet. This makes “testosterone fueled” look like a day at pilates. Bros, break up with your wives and girlyfriends if you must. There is nothing more important than making the correct choice that day:


This Is The Best Movie I’ve Seen In A Year: Strickly Sexual

Saw a link to this amazing indie film somewhere today, I watched the whole thing on I was super skeptical at first and normally I hate watching movies online, but this flick is awesome. Super funny, well acted, genuine emotions, realistic look at weird relationships. The sex is hot (although no nudity).


Watchmen is Totally Rad…Why are the Critics Such Douches?

I caught the midnight showing of the new Watchmen movie. On IMAX. It was absolutety awesome. It’s getting canned by a lot of reviewers and I think they’re all douchebags. It’s hovering around 65% on the Tomatometer on, including some hate from my fav reviewers at the Boston Globe and the Times. WTF people, this film is friggin’ genius. Get a clue! I think it’s far superior to any of the comic book flicks from recent years, including X-Men, Spider-Man, and yes even the latest Batman film. In fact, this is the movie that The Dark Knight should have been. Yeah, I said it. I just slapped Dark Knight. I was moved and I’ve read the graphic novel like 10 times.