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Apple Should Just Buy Best Buy And Fire All These Assholes

Best Buy is so douchey. I went in there today to pick up a laptop that the motherboard crapped out on a while back. For one thing, it took them two months figure it out and fix this fucker even though I told them what the problem was because I researched it online, and they didn’t believe me because how should I know anything about computers since I’m not a Geek Squad dork making $9 an hour? Then they returned the thing and said they couldn’t find anything wrong with it and it was probably a software or virus problem, which was total bullshit because I reformatted it like 5 times trying to get Vista off and XP on and then back to Vista because otherwise it voided my service plan. So I returned it after much negotiation and haranguing, they sent it off to the service center in West Hell and held on to it for another month. In the meantime I was using a MacBook Pro that my work gave me which is like getting a blowjob from the hottest blonde in the galaxy in comparison to my laptop. Continued