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I Got A Half Chub Listening To This Chick Talk About Sex

So I was googling “penis enlargement” when I stumbled into this YouTube vid where a hot chick discusses drunk vs. sober sex. She describes how much of a party girl she used to be and how drunk sex was so much more fun than sober sex. No fucking shit, sister!?! Drunk sex is always more fun that sober sex. For the record, I’d order us both 5 shots of Patron, talk crazy dirty in ear, take her home, and blow a humongous man wad right on the freckle on her chest. Oopsie…did I just say that?

Money quote at the 2:32 mark: “…no one really wants to cum on the sober girl.”


The Weekly: Penelope Trunk Hates Us Edition

Again a bit late with the Weekly but it’s all good my peeps. I was sucking down tequila shots on Friday night and that basically shot me for the rest of the weekend. What else? I’ve been talking online with a nice MILF who is a video game geek, my LDFB is coming down to visit in August, and generally I’ve been enjoying my summer. What, you expected me to invent cold fusion over here?

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You Want A Player Boyfriend, Trust Me

Ah, Happen Magazine. I love these people. Really mainstream dating advice that’s so watered down it’s useless or just plain inaccurate. See this article, “Are you dating a player?” The author, Dustin Goot, gives us the 5 signs of a player versus 5 signs of a nice guy. Here’s me taking him to task…

5 signs of a player

He’s bold. True, all players are bold. This is totally a good thing. I mean, who wants a shy guy? Beta. Shy equals wussy. Shy equals indecisive. Shy equals lousy in the sack. Nuff said.