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I Got A World Beating Hummer and Then Pulled A Muscle To My Right Nut

In this post I’m going to talk about getting the best blowjob of my life, so if you’re not into that, you might want to read this blog instead. It’s been awhile since I’ve written anything personal and extra-dirty and it’s high time I got back to it. Plus, I was inspired by this post about a dirty city girl finally getting laid.

Okay, so here was the situation. I’ve been officially broken up with my ex-girlfriend, Megan, for several months now, and in the interim we were doing this quasi-dating-fuck-buddy thing. That ended about two weeks ago, or at least I thought it had, until I invited her to meet me out for dinner to catch up.  Yeeeah, you know where this is headed.


Downgrade Your Relationship to Upgrade Your Sex Life

So it’s been approximately two months since I’ve broken up with Megan and we’re now in this weird zone where we’re not GF-BF, we’re not casually dating, and we’re still sleeping with each other. We’re also technically exclusive. The exclusivity mostly comes from me having suck-ass game right now, as I’ve been on several dates with other women and couldn’t get anything going. Megan has opted not to put herself on the market even though I told her it’s perfectly fine if she wants to do that.

There are pro’s and con’s with this situation and the jury is still out (for me) on whether it’s worth it. I set this situation up on the night of our breakup when I simply said that if she ever wanted to get together for drinks and a sleepover, I would be down with that. Megan was initially against the idea but was clearly intrigued by it. We proceeded to have ass kicking breakup sex that night. And we’ve hooked up many times since.


I’m Going Vegetarian For A Month (WTF?!)

steak1I’m going vegetarian for the month of March. No, seriously, I am. I’m a big nasty meat eater, so this is a big deal for me. There were two factors that persuaded me to try it:

  1. Honey’s post about National Justice for Animals Week.
  2. We had a guest speaker at my sports club recently and he spoke a lot about nutrition, and in particular, dietary habits for sports performance. As part of that, he explained in graphic terms why he would only eat beef from free roaming cows. I was pretty grossed out to hear how regular cows are treated and fed, so this pushed me over the edge.

I figured I would try it for at least a month and see how it affected my energy levels, training, and competitive performance. For the hardcore vegans out there, I realize a month is pretty weak, especially considering I’m still eating fish and eggs, but hey you got to start somewhere. Don’t hate. Continued

13 things I’ve Learned from My Six Month Relationship

Did everyone have a totally sweet Valentine’s Day? YAAAKKK. That was me tossing my cookies. I tried my best to break up with my girlfriend of six months right before V-Day and it almost worked…we broke up for three days after she pulled some sneaky stuff, and I was hoping it would last through the weekend so I could be spared the lameness of actual V-Day activities.

Unfortunately, my scheming didn’t work. We broke up and got back together late Friday the 13th. Smokin’ hot makeup sex ensued, and I was obligated to buy a gift and take her to dinner on Saturday, which is exactly what I did. Things have moved on from there. In case you’re keeping score, that’s FOUR pseudo breakups in the span of six months. Yes, I have a f’ed relationship. What, did you expect the perfect romance?


Filthy Butt Sex On New Years Eve

Here’s a great raunchy story from the holidays that includes vigorous butt sex. Enjoy.


Me, my girlfriend Megan, and a bunch of my pals stayed at a beach house over New Years. Continued