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Revelations, Part 1: The Weekend

Things are finally settling down a little.  Things got a little worse with the BF and I at the very beginning of the month.  This was mostly because he hadn’t been able to take any time off (or even get home at a reasonable hour).  In fact, he had to drive to CA with a client for two days for some work that had to be done on-location. 

However, he got back at 3 a.m. Monday night/Tuesday morning and I sat up with him a bit…he was fortunately able to work from home the next day while I had to drag my sorry butt to work.  But after that, I could tell we were over some sort of invisible hump that has been in our way since the incident. Continued

My Debt To George Carlin

I remember one of the first standup comics I ever saw was George Carlin. I was with my parents watching HBO in our first house in Florida. I was probably 9 or 10. I distinctly remember his seven dirty words routine. Yes, my parents let me watch the whole thing, even though it’s distinctly R-rated material, but it may have had something to do with the fact that my dad was laughing his ass off the entire time. Rarely have I seen my dad laugh so hard. I believe his own humor was very much in the same vein as Carlin’s. I didn’t understand everything Carlin was talking about at the time (“Dad, what’s a twat?”), but I remember I was blown away by how raw and powerful Carlin was. This was an awakening for me.