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The Weekly: Kickass Contest Edition

I’m fired up, people. Kudos to everyone who wrote in for the contest. We had a blast with it. Here’s the weekly shout-outs to everyone who participated. May your traffic increase 10 fold and you get a zillion new subscribers.

Your Kickass Contest winner, David Mott from the Dad’s House blog, really kicked ass. See his post, There’s an order to a single parent’s relationship universe. Not only will you get David’s take on relationships, but he blogs about online dating, parenting, and he’ll even throw food and drink recipes in there. Also, he uses the word booty frequently, which has caused me to add the word back into my daily lexicon.


The Weekly: Naughty Easter Bunny Edition

March madness people! Even better than topless photos of Ashley Dupre. What’s that? She was underage when getting filmed by Girls Gone Wild in the buff? WTF?? See here.

Whoopsie. Looks like Joe Francis, founder of GGW, who just got out of jail, may be in more hot water.


Problogger readers get a free nudie pic…

Sweet! Darren at Problogger published my post about voice. If you’re a regular reader (we have those), you can find that post here. It has nothing to do with dating and relationships, but does give good advice about writing and blogging.

If you’re new to the site, thanks for surfing in and giving us some lovin’. If you subscribe to our feed, I’ll email you naked pictures of Honey I have saved on my laptop from back in the day.



The Weekly: Thanks To Our Peeps Edition

Earlier in the week I invited a bunch of bloggers to engage in a posting roundtable. The subject was simple: your best advice for being more attractive, a subject near and dear to Honey and I. We asked bloggers who ranged from personal development to dating coaches to relationship advice columnists. We were interested in engaging a range of perspectives and seeing what came out of it. I figured the advice would overlap and there would also be some real gems in there. I got the idea after reading Monica O’Brien’s post, Men Need To Grow Up? on the blog Twenty Set. She had some interesting ideas in her post, and in particular this passage struck me:

“…give guys a reason to want to settle down. Be interesting. Be lovely. Be someone worth giving up bachelorhood for. Sure, men need to grow up, but they aren’t the only ones.”


Weekend Roundup: Douchebaguette Edition

Welcome welcome welcome! This week’s roundup of cool/fun/titillating/provocative/f’ed up links is dedicated to all the douchebaguette’s out there. A douchebaguette: Crazy, needy, moronic, drunk, excessive party girl, perhaps overly silly, little inner life, often times hot. Hey, I would still do one…but Christ, what a pain. See this video.



The Weekly: Hope You Get Laid

Pimps, players, chodes, and alpha bitchez. It’s the weekend, which means it’s time to spread the love. Here are the cool blogs & sites I unearthed this week plus my shamefully unapologetic kneejerk commentary. Have a wonderful weekend. I hope everyone gets laid.

Greg Lalas, a writer with Boston Magazine, attends a Vin DiCarlo bootcamp in Boston and writes about it. See the article here. This is a longish and well written bootcamp review and history of one of the top PUA instructors in the industry. Lalas doesn’t pull punches. He’s less than flattering for the most part and allows a few (backhanded) compliments towards the end. Money quote:

Sure, seductionism makes me glad I don’t have a daughter running around out there. But, ultimately, Vin’s lessons aren’t any nuttier than those of more culturally accepted “gurus” like business legend Tony Robbins, or fitness freak Richard Simmons, or even damn Dr. Phil. In his own way, Vin’s a very serious thinker who spends his days refining his craft. He’s not merely interested in getting laid or helping other men get laid; he’s obsessed with finding a better way to teach men how to get laid so that no man will ever feel the way he once did—like a nobody.