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Why Having 5 Girlfriends is a Good Thing

This post is in response to Honey’s post here, and also part 2 of my original article on 5 girlfriends.

multiple hot chicks

(Live in a state of abundance.)

When I say harem, I mean “dating” multiple girls at the same time and having sex with all of them (or at least several). In pickup parlance, this is referred to as mLTR (multiple long term relationships). This arrangement works if you’re upfront and totally honest with these women, and practicing safe sex. Fellas, if you’re getting to this level, make sure you establish what you’re about from the get-go. Doing the mLTR thing will only work if you’ve got totally solid game and the girls know it. If you’re not upfront about your pimp status, they’ll think you’re simply skeezing around, or even “cheating” if you’ve accidentally fallen into a traditional bf-gf model with any one of them.


5 Girlfriends At Once

Today I want to talk about having multiple girlfriends. That’s right, when I say gf’s I mean apostrophe s. Even you have a hot girlfriend and you’re perfectly happy with that situation, more power to you. But, if you want to be a player and you’d like to “date” several different women at once, this post is for you.

Back in caveman times all alpha pimp cavemen had harems of cavewomen hotties, serving them grapes and servicing their needs, and it was totally cool. It’s wired into our DNA. It’s only because of Puritans and shows like the Wonder Years that we get stuck dating one chick, often times a non-hottie, and eventually getting married and getting fat. Aaagggggh! Sorry, my nutsack just had a spasm. Men are hardwired to have multiple partners and you can see evidence of this in the male of virtually any species on the planet. This is why, even if you’ve got a gf and you’re getting laid constantly, you still have the urge to have sex with other women. It’s an issue of variety.