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Lance De-Virginizing Service

“Ladies, Do You Want Your First Time To Be Special? Want to Have Intimacy, Be Treated Like You Deserve, and Have FABULOUS Sex Right Out Of The Gate?”

Hi, it’s Lance here. Ladies, I know how scary the first time can be. We’ve all read the horror stories and crazy-losing-one’s virginity stories that are out there. The stories about getting busted by the cops in the back seat of your boyfriend’s dad’s car while parked in the parking lot of Wal-Mart. About having your mom walk in you while you’re giving your bf his first hummer. Or, just flat-out how lousy, short, and painful the first time can be.

And, what’s worse, for most woman the first time is totally forgettable, and sometimes even regrettable. I know how much it can totally suck.