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So this isn’t the first time that I’ve heard the term shopportunistic bandied about lately.  I don’t remember the first – I subscribe to a lot of personal finance sites, so it could have been anywhere – but the latest is on a Marshall’s commercial.  I first noticed this only because every time the commercial came on (I was actually watching something live, can you believe it?) I looked up, confused.  I could swear that the woman in the commercial is Brenda Strong, the actress who plays the dead narrator, Mary Alice Young, in Desperate Housewives.
And then I realized that’s exactly why they hired her (or someone who sounds incredibly like her) to do the voice-over.  After five seasons, America’s used to hearing her only as a voice narrating events.  I know it made me listen.

I need some new dress shirts for work.  Hey!  I heard there was a sale at Marshall’s…