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I #-Closed An Artsy Chick On Sunday

I’ve been having a shitty month on the dating front…I haven’t heard from my FB in weeks (ie no poon) and I’ve been going out of town for work so often that I’ve haven’t been able to go out and run game. Things are so lame right now that I even re-activated my account. I hate online dating.

I did run some game on that work friend two weekends ago, but that bombed. I emailed her and she basically LJBF’ed me (lets-just-be-friends). No problem, she wasn’t that hot and it forced me to stick to my policy of not messing around with work friends. It took me about an hour to get over that one.


My Inner Chode Bit Me In The Ass

Well, my inner chode reared his gnarled head and really bit me in the ass on Saturday night. Here’s what happened. I went to a party at a downtown theater with a bunch of work friends (by theater I mean the kind where they have plays and stuff). The first half of the party took place on the roof–highlighted by a killer view of the city–and the second half of the party took place in a workshop in the recesses of the theater.


Dirty Professor and Authority Game

The Dirty Professor

I’ve got this friend—we’ll call him Waldo—who is an instructor at a local college. Waldo’s single, fun to hang out with, smart, average looks, has decent game although he’s all natural. He’s basically an average joe. His game consists mainly of dating his former students and he’s dated 2-3 students per year since I’ve known him. He’s had sex with several of them, and even been in a relationship with one girl for a year.