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LOL I’m the World’s Most Famous Hooker!!

Yo waddup it’s me Ashley Alexandra Dupre aka Ashley Youmans aka Kristen aka NJ Thug Princess.

OMG I’m so famous now I was on 20/20 with that super cool lady Diane Sawyer. Diane you like totally fucking rock girl, I know you had to act like you think prostitution is uncool and dirty and all but you like totally gave me a hi-five and a you-go-girl off the camera. You were like “Ashley you’re my main bitch you took down that humongous douchebag Spitzer and now you’re cashing in,” and then she was like, “we need more bitches like you Ashley, call me if you need anything.”  What!?! that’s right! Check it out i look awesome:


Famous Hooker Wins Millions In Smut Lottery


ashley alexandra dupreIt looks like any where from $1M to $5M. See here. Dupre’s also cashed in about $200K from her two singles on Not bad for a week’s work. Finally, here’s an overview article from CBSNEWS that details her prospects and calls her a “club rat.” Sweet. There’s some stuff about Charlie Sheen, a cheerleader outfit, and a threesome floating around, but I can’t bring myself to post it. That’s my smut threshold.

I totally don’t have a problem with any of this. Good on her. Doing the Gov and raking in millions is way WAY better than working 40 hours per and making $45k a year. I dare anyone to argue with that. Really. There is a definitely a feeling of begrudging admiration.

Don’t spend it all on blow, sister, and get yourself a college degree. While you’re at it, invest so you don’t have to turn tricks at age 30 with regular johns for a quarter of what you’re getting now.

Photo credit New York Daily News.