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Brilliant Use Of Anal Sex Innuendo In Marketing

Got forwarded this by one of my dorky work friends, features anal sex innuendo to sell a product, you people will love this. Very

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suggestive, quasi-NSFW, maybe watch with headphones on?


LOLz. Also, When was the last time you took it in the can?

Hooters, Knockers, Pixie Grrl – More Gorilla Sex

Alright, here’s the report from my glorious weekend. I got blown out by two of my prospects and I pulled a new girl in one of my fastest pickups. There were some awesome insights from all three encounters. Before I launch into the field report, I want to say that all three girls are cool, attractive women, and I definitely like them as people and not just as sex objects. This is me not being a douchebag :p Onwards!


(My weekend ended with a bit of this. Did yours?)