Single on Valentine’s Day? Kickass!

So I’m cruising through the grocery store with a work friend and we’re both waxing poetic about how we could care less about Valentine’s Day (we’re single). And we’re not just saying that, we actually feel perfectly good about ourselves and we’re looking forward to a V-Day without significant others. Seriously. Was it always this way? Nope. Why is it now? Good question.

I’ve had plenty of V-Day’s with girlfriends and a couple without them. The ones WITH girlfriends I did a lot of bitching because of the pressure to come up with a good date, spending the money, blah blah blah. I also enjoyed spending time with my gf and I usually enjoyed the date. Somewhere in the recesses of my pimping heart I like the pomp and circumstance of a romantic date. Don’t let that get around.

The ones without girlfriends I did a lot of bitching about being single and I’m sure I enjoyed a depressed funk or two. It happens. I feel a lot better about dating in general these days and my place in the grand scheme of things, so being single on V-day doesn’t piss me off. In fact, I see it as an OPPORTUNITY.

If you’re single on Valentine’s Day, GO OUT AND MEET PEOPLE.

This is my best advice, and I guarantee it’ll make you feel like a million bucks. Don’t even think about sitting in your house and being depressed. Don’t hang out with your parents or your dog. Don’t surf the net and download porn. Don’t drunk dial ex-girlfriends. Don’t eat a tub of ice cream. Get out. NOW. There are TONS of singles out there and they’re going to be out on the town. It’s a Thursday night, which is an ideal night for socializing. If you’re a pickup artist, go sarging. Open sets like crazy. If you’re not a PUA, but you’re a single, go to a bunch of places and talk to people. Your opening line is easy:

“Hey, you’re single. What’s your name?”

What’s the best part of the whole deal? Everyone at the bars and clubs on Valentine’s Day is SINGLE. If they’re out on the town, that means they WANT to meet people. It’s like walking around with a sign on your chest. It couldn’t be easier. See three chicks hanging out? Obviously single. Talk to them. See two dudes shooting pool. Single. Also, don’t limit yourself to chicks, talk to everyone.

What else can you do?

Okay, still feeling lame about your singleness? Here’s a few more tricks:

  • Buy yourself a cool new outfit. Then GO OUT in it.
  • All your coupled friends going out to their coupley dinner? Treat yourself. Go out to eat at a place you like, sit at the bar, order a steak. Or maybe you like fish tacos. Doesn’t matter. Treat yourself, then GO OUT.
  • Get your other single friends together (you know you have them), hit happy hour, and then GO OUT together.
  • Sports fan? Get a pal and check out the local pro hoops team. Then GO OUT.
  • GO OUT. Don’t stay home and root around in your singleness. GO OUT.
  • Subscribe to Then GO OUT because you’re awesome.

Don’t get bummed about being single on V-Day. Go out, have fun, and celebrate. This is a great time to meet new people. I’m so pumped up, I can’t wait. It’s going to be like a shopping spree. Forget the romantic dinners. Bleh. Go out and live.

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