Sex: WTF is the Deep Spot??

Okay, I’ve been obsessing lately about sex (haha) and in particular female ejaculation and deep spot orgasms. Ever heard of them? Neither had I until a couple of months ago. I first heard about them from a video by Jason at the sargenation blog. Here’s the video I’m talking about where he discusses female ejaculation (don’t be put off by Jason caressing the beer bottle. There’s good value here):


I didn’t really investigate it at the time…maybe because I wasn’t getting laid, or maybe because I thought that stuff was urban legend. Anyway, I read this awesome ebook by Brad P., one of the top pickup artists in the world, and he talks about giving women squirting orgasms and stimulating the d-spot ALL THE TIME. I’m doing a full review of his book soon, but if you really want it you can purchase it here. It’s a great read, and the sex knowledge alone is worth the price of the book.

So anyway, I decided to up my bedroom game and figure out where the deep spot was. Basically, the d-spot is an area at the end of the vaginal canal (3-4′ deep), right before the cervix. Its ‘smooth and firm and is stimulated typically with your fingers. It’s supposed to lead to amazing, full body orgasms, and it’s one solution for helping a woman achieve a vaginal orgasm if she hasn’t done so before. I haven’t quite figured it out (yet), but Jason breaks it down in an excellent video here.

Check here for an article by sex master David Shade (posted on Fastseduction) about the d-spot. Includes a complete description and a picture too!

What’s interesting is that most people haven’t heard of it, including women. I discussed this with Pixie Grrl on Sunday and she was clueless…and she’s 38!! I did attempt to find it with her, but no dice. Either my fingers aren’t long enough, or I was poking around the wrong area. I’ve also polled a couple of my female friends over the last few days and they’ve never heard of it either. Hey, could be something excellent to add to your sexual arsenal.

Anyone have any experience with this? Let us know.

  • Holly Hoffman

    I don’t *think* I’ve had personal experience with this, but it seems like the kind of thing where you would know if you did.

    That said, check out the episode of Sex & the City where Samantha has a lesbian girlfriend who gives her a squirting O. If you ask your female friends about that episode, I’m sure they’ll realize they’ve heard about the deep spot.

  • Holly Hoffman

    Wait, vice versa. Samantha gives her girlfriend the squirting O. Whatever, check it out.

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  • Eathan

    I have experience with this. Or at least with my past partners. If done ‘correctly’ the woman will love it. It takes a some special talents on the man to give the simulation..but it also takes the woman to be able to relax. There is plenty of documentation/how to videos/articles on how to explore this option. Some can achieve this by using fingers and others can achieve this by penetration. Once you learn to do this ‘trick’ Lance.. women can’t get enough… SERIOUSLY…

  • Honey

    The fact that 90% of the vagina’s nerve endings are in the outer 1/3 lead me to SERIOUSLY doubt that this is for real, though obviously I don’t know enough to say for sure. Never having had an orgasm without a vibrator, I’d certainly be interested if this were true.

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  • Lance

    Cool. My middle finger is exactly 3.5 inches long…is this long enough, or am I wriggling around in the wrong place??

    @Honey: You should forward your BF this info and
    “play” with it. Report back your findings.

  • cheekie

    A ha!
    Ok, so I have experienced this…(blush) … often…
    just didn’t know there was an actual moniker for it…

    So nope, not an urban legend…at least not for me. Although, not every woman experiences this, of which there is nothing NOTHING wrong. Just like everything else in life, some can some can’t. The best part is the playing around to find it…once you do, oh man. Holy hell….

    My mom told me a story once about my grandmother. Her mom. She was a deeply religious woman, and when she had sex with her husband (my grandfather) this happened to her and she was so mortified and embarrassed that she hated sex from that day on. Which is such a sad, sad story. She even convinced all of her daughters that sex was bad and for men only.

    Thank GOD I never had that impression put upon me ๐Ÿ˜‰

    (and no, that’s not the same grandparents I have previously written about)

    Thanks Lance..or should I call you Mr. Sex Ed

  • lisaq

    Oh this is very good news for me now isn’t it? ๐Ÿ˜‰ hehe…

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  • evilwoobie

    I experience the deep spot orgasm as you call it more with a vib than with my partner. I think it’s because with the vib, a more sustained pressure is present, as I dont have to move it much to feel sensation (it IS vibrating). So i can keep it deep with minimum in out movement. While with a partner, he usually takes it out halfway then puts it back in, not much sustained pressure there.

    Honey is right, the 1/3 outer part of the vagina is the ticklish spot, and orgasms arising from this region are always pleasurable, in that the woman anticipates it (“yess yess”). With the deep spot orgasm, a woman could panic if she feels it for the first time as the sensation translates first as pain (though it’s not EXACTLY painful… more of a weird sensation between pain and pleasure that doesn’t have a name yet).

    If she bears with the feeling of perceived pain, however, and keep at it for a little longer, the resulting orgasm is more profound than the superficial type. Like you’re dying/swooning, but with no control and no idea how to stop it. I usually yell NO instead of YES with this one because that weird pain-pleasure feeling as orgasm approaches through Deep Spot sensitization could make any first timer panic (i know i did). It almost always resulted in a few tears, .. in fact, i call it “emotional orgasm” (EO). Or, “overwhelmed with love for you, sweetheart”… ๐Ÿ˜€

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  • Me Thinks

    Yes, I have experienced this. I’m not sure its a “Spot” that is separate from the G-Spot but I certainly have and do squirt. It never happened to me until a couple years ago and now its a somewhat regular thing, both by my partner’s hand (I’m sure this is not possible alone) or during sex. I think it has to be the right stimulation combined with the woman knowing how to squeeze her PC muscles and relax at the same time plus the man figures out what stimulates it. The first few times it freaked me out but now its awesome and it drives my guy completely wild. Crazy stuff, its a gush and is definitely NOT pee, I have completely soaked the bed, couch, carseat… I also wonder if being well-hydrated and typically very wet makes a difference.

    This link was on The Girl’s website a while ago, definitely I believe these researches – some women are NOT capable of vaginal orgasms because they may not in fact have a G-Spot. It explains a lot (Honey, read this. I’m interested in what you think):

  • cheekie

    Interesting article…although I am pretty damn sure clitoris size has nada to do with it either. That’s like saying only men with big balls can ejaculate.

    We aren’t trick pony’s though…and yes, being well hydrated, before during and after, helps. As does a glass or two of wine. And being highly aroused/wet is probably just a good indicator that you are really horny, which therefore makes you more able. So get really horny girls. lol.

    Also, you have to get passed that weird crampy feeling, cause that’s when it’s about to happen. It doesn’t hurt, but you aren’t quite sure wtf is going on. And using your muscles properly, practice a lot. it’s fun.

    You apparently cannot physically urinate during sex, or high arousal, according to some articles I have read. So don’t worry about that. It definitely isn’t pee.
    They do believe that it might be the female prostate. Who knows. As usual anything regarding female sexuality is only researched fully when it’s in context of how to improve a man’s. They really haven’t done much investigating.

    Frankly they can research all they want to, I’m just going to enjoy….

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  • valentine

    It always rub me the wrong way when guys say what a “real” orgasm is or what a “true” orgasm is. It’s like they’re telling me what I have isn’t actually an orgasm.

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  • Lance

    Sorry if we rubbed you the wrong way…pun intended! When it comes to O’s, I always try to rub the right way ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Chuck

    This spot is absolutely real.

    But, here’s the catch.

    it only does anything when the other two main spots have gotten enough stimulation. Simply getting it alone will generally do nothing.

    It is responsible for big gushes a lot of the time.

    it’s also responsibly for those spectacular simultaneous orgasms when they happen.

  • Lee D.

    The deep spot is the posterior fornix. The AFE zone is the anterior fornix erogenous zone(A = anterior). I’m so tired of writers misleading people.

    Pressure in the posterior fornix can help to trigger an orgasm, yes. All orgasms involve the clitoris. There is no such thing as a vaginal orgasm. Just because pleasure is felt from pressure on the deep spot, and that pleasure is enhanced by an orgasm, does not make it a supposed vaginal orgasm. The vaginal orgasm is a myth. Women that have had their clitorises removed can not have orgasms, while women with tiny or non-existant vaginas can have orgasms.

  • Jax

    I know these are older posts but thought I would add this anyhow…

    I don’t know who Lee D is, I have to assume he is a man and somehow possibly a Dr of sorts?

    Extracted from the above link.
    Just the Facts on the G-Spot

    If sex myths have such power over men’s thinking about their own anatomy, they have even more sway when it comes to female partners’ bodies — especially the much-debated G-spot.

    Named after a German doctor, Ernst Grรคfenberg, who first wrote about an erogenous zone in the anterior vaginal wall, the G-spot was popularized by a 1982 book called … The G-spot. This region behind the pubic bone is often credited as the trigger for a vaginal (vs. clitoral) orgasm, and even a catalyst for female ejaculation.

    At the same time, the G-spot is commonly derided as perpetuating the myth ensconced by Sigmund Freud — namely, that the clitoral orgasm is a “lesser” form of climax than the vaginal orgasm, which requires penile penetration. As Ian Kerner summarizes, “In Freud’s view, there were no two ways about it: If a woman couldn’t be satisfied by penetrative sex, something must be wrong with her.”

    The G-spot’s existence is still debated, and whether it’s fact or fiction depends on whom you ask.

    I rarely ejaculate from clitoral stimulation alone, I often ejaculate from penile penetration alone. So, is Lee D stating that my ejaculating while orgasming isn’t an orgasm? Hmmmm… gotta think those vaginal contractions, flow of cum and then ejaculating is in fact an orgasm.

  • Jax

    The man I had my last relationship with actually read up on ejaculation a few months into our relationship. He became very adept at making me squirt. It was a bit intimidating at first, he was so technical about it, but it became fun after a while because he was so into it.

  • cLAY

    This can all be simplified by saying… Guys its easy. All you do is go down on her and at the very top of the vag is a “white dot”. You may have to separate the labia if she is not fully aroused. Once she starts to twitch a little, moisten the index and middle fingers, and reach in with one at a time, gently. When your in there feel at the top of the canal for a round anomaly, “the spot” d or g they both work whatever. Its like a patch in there that dances to the beat of a different drum, pure awesomeness. With a STEADY “come here motion” combined with a slight in and out motion, stimulate that “spot”. Watch what happens. When you enter her in missionary, go deeply in slow and out fast making sure that on the way out your aiming high and dragging your shaft across the top. When you feel the outside of it tighten up, grab the back of her knees and raise them and start working in a circle. And if your totally comfortable with your self go back down for seconds. And to giver a mental and emotionalgasm that keeps her yours is a wrm embrace and a kiss on the neck.
    -PS the paper towels are on the right.LOL

  • Dean

    I am glad to know now, that i have been doing it right, but i have learned more about the deep spot orgasm. I remember the first time i made a woman squirt, it surprised me and i thought it was pee. I mean she drenched the bed. The woman i am with now, is able to spray me every time and we both love it. Guys, if you really want to connect with her like never before, you go down on her while she is ejaculating and play with her asshole a little at the same time and she will never let you go. Trust me, when you can make a woman cum over and over again vaginally, she will become addicted to you sex. Remember though, keep the variety and imagination going and have fun. Sometimes its slow making love, other times she wants to be had she wants it hard, and other times lets just have naughty fun.

  • me

    My boyfriend doesn’t like to give oral because the consistancy of both vaginal lubricant and even his own semen grosses him out. My gspot is pretty unresponsive. But we discovered the deep spot and he makes me orgasm nearly every time with penetration. It requires a good amount of arousal and often the missionary with hips rolled up and legs up or wrapped around provide a good position for this

  • me

    I don’t quite agree with evil’s assessment, but we are all different. The orgasm form deep spot feels very internal, like a fair bit of pressure behind the pubic bone. However, the deep spot is close to the cervix. If the positioning is not right, it could be the cervix being hit, and that DOES hurt, at the very least uncomfortable. As always, good lubrication is required for this

  • Irene

    If people hasn’t heard of it and women haven’t experienced these kind of orgasms, it’s because it DOESN’T exist. real scientific research has shown that vagina hasn’t enough nerve endings to trigger orgasm, and in any case, the greatest concentration of nerves is towards the opening, not deep inside.
    The only source of genital orgasms in women is the clitoris. Period. The G-Spot has also been proved to not exist, or be just a prolongation of the clitoris.

    All these new kind of orgasms that appeared recently: U-spot, A-spot, D-spot, cervix…are hoaxes without any actual scientific support. Now that G-spot existence is being heavily challenged, they needed new myths to keep selling women magazines every week.

  • whatever

    Old thread, but it seems to reactivate from time to time, so…

    You and evil both seem to be onto the same thing. But there’s a fair bit of confusion in this thread. The Deep Spot isn’t the same thing as the G-spot.

    G-Spot=pelvic nerve; lower third of vagina.

    Deep Spot=inferior hypogastric plexus and vagus nerve; upper vagina in the fornix and cervix.

    For the record, clitoris=pudendal nerve. And then there’s the coregasm, whatever that turns out to be. I’m guessing superior hypogastric plexis.

    Of course, the more o-pathways you can activate at the same time, the better, IMO. But YMMV.

    Not sure you can even reach the fornix with fingers. Even if you can, that’s certainly not optimal (rough skin, fingernails, high point pressure, lack of body contact).

    The cervix IS painful to touch until very, very warmed up. Fantasizing first helps, as does a lot of teasing. Of course, once she figures it out, it’s easier, but guys generally deeply believe that foreplay is optional, or refuse to understand or accept just how much is typically required to get these structures firing on all cylinders.

    So, ironically due to their own impatience, many/most men aren’t going to be able to get her there. Nor be able to last long enough–again, due to their own impatience–to apply the deep pressure required before thrusting is any fun at all for her. Big dildo or vibrator works, girlfriend with strap-on might be even better if you can handle it, because then you also get the warm oxytocin rush of deep kissing and all that skin and eye contact, with no distracting ticking-penis-clock time pressure.

    The Deep Spot is certainly not the instant magic button men tend to be looking for, as typified by the irritating video dude.

    Probably explains why it has a reputation as unreal–easier to think that…and try to convince her that, too. It just astounds me how many men honestly think they know more about women’s bodies than women do.

  • http://N/A Beck

    I am 65, and from years of experience with over a thousand women, here are some of my observations. First, women with larger breasts almost always have vaginal orgasms during intercourse. Small breasted women take a half-hour or more of clitoris stimulation. Even small breasted women can experience more powerful orgasms during oral sex if the g-spot is stimulated with the “come here” motion. Forget the “d-spot.” Never had it happen with a vibrator. I think that somehow it has a relation to the breast size. Need more research. I volunteer if anyone wants to set up a research program; even though I am up there in age, I am as horny (sexually active) as I was when I was 21. LOL. Second major observation is that every woman is different, and one has to spend enough time with each woman to get to know what excites her and gets her off. Don’t be afraid to communicate. Men, don’t fret when the woman wants to “give so many instructions during sex.” She is just telling you what turns her on, which can be totally different than most other women. So no one formula fits for everyone. I once had a woman have a mini-orgasm the first time I kissed her (French style). Never happened before or sense. Good sex is tied to how sexy people appear to each other. I could never even be aroused by a woman 60 pounds overweight. But a petite woman, even with small breasts but with that knowing look that she wants me to rock her world, is all it takes to get this guy’s engine running, get up to full throttle, and fly across the finish line. Keep the xyz-spots to yourself. It’s more mental and emotional than physical when it comes to pleasing a woman.