Questions for Lance and Eathan on IDW Radio?

I’m on the IDW radio show tonight from 9:00 – 10:00 pm eastern. I had a great phone convo with Eathan, the host, earlier this week, and if that’s any indication the show will be a blast. Some topics we’ll hit:

  • Game
  • Natural vs. Structured pickup
  • Sex
  • Dating in general
  • Guys vs. Girls
  • Squirting orgasms
  • etc

Honestly, we’ll probably talk about anything and everything. Folks can CALL-IN and ask questions: (347) 838-9897.

Are there any questions you’d like to ask me, Eathan, or throw out there for some fun advice? Leave them in the comments below and we’ll address them.



  • Eathan

    hey.. which one of these S. Miami Pimps am I? lol

    It’s going to be fun.

  • moody.bitch

    That’s easy, you’re the white one!

  • dadshouse

    They say “clothes make the man.” Well, this man is all about being grounded, outdoorsy, and enjoys wearing shorts and flip-flops like a true Cali boy.

    Of course, I don’t dress like that to go out at night. But I also don’t get pimped out in the finest threads. I don’t want to put on false airs.

    How do I strike a balance between being true to myself and dressing up to attract women?

  • Lance

    Hey DM. We didn’t get to address this on the show, so I thought I would give it go here.

    I’m pretty much the same way, I dress like a Florida Boy headed out to the beach (flops and shorts) plenty of the time, but when it’s time to socialize, I’ll dress the part. I dress for whatever is in the right ballpark for whatever I’m doing, so club clothes at the club, jeans and a cool shirt at the bar, whatever. I don’t peacock like some of the PUA guys, but I do wear nice threads. I try to wear quality stuff though, so that’s what gives me a slight edge.

    The way I look at it is what would you wear to work that’s appropriate? Might be a suit, might be pants and a shirt, depends. Well, when you’re out for a night on the town, you’re “at work” socially, so you should dress the part, and you can remain true to yourself by selecting clothes that YOU really like.

  • Honey

    As long as your clothes FIT, then you’re way ahead of the game. This means that things shouldn’t be too tight (just don’t wear that!) or too loose (get it tailored, it’s worth it). I made the BF get a bunch of his things tailored and now he’s a total convert.