Problogger readers get a free nudie pic…

Sweet! Darren at Problogger published my post about voice. If you’re a regular reader (we have those), you can find that post here. It has nothing to do with dating and relationships, but does give good advice about writing and blogging.

If you’re new to the site, thanks for surfing in and giving us some lovin’. If you subscribe to our feed, I’ll email you naked pictures of Honey I have saved on my laptop from back in the day.


I’m Lance. Honey is my teammate. We blog about dating, relationships, sex, and life stuff. We try to give a realistic but also humorous take. We like to have fun around here. When it comes to dating (I’m single), I don’t take myself too seriously. Neither should you. Um, okay, full disclousure. I’m kind of a douchebag dick pimp. I’m a cool guy most of the time. Really. Here’s a picture of me after I my workout today:


(Most bloggers look like this.)

If you’re in a hurry and want to read two great posts, try these:

Thanks for checking us out. Feel free to leave comments and flame us for our puerile behavior.

  • Honey

    Hey, Lance, you gave me a start there! I’ll have to see if I have any nudie pics of you hanging around anywhere…

  • Amoena

    That’s exactly what I did. I read your post about voice, came here and totally subscribed. Can I get my nude pic now?

    Amoena’s last blog post..The timeless Peach Mango Tea

  • Bob Younce

    Hey folks!

    Just found you via ProBlogger. LOVE your site! I’m happily married (I known this because my wife told me I am) so I’m sending a link to your site to all of my single guy friends.

    Bob Younce’s last blog post..10 Habits of Successful Writers

  • Matt Savage

    This blog is totally puerile!! Now I just need to figure out what the word means…

    Loved the post on Problogger, good stuff, I subscribed and everything. Now make with the nudie pics already:)

    Matt Savage’s last blog post..14 Seduction Books Listed in The Game

  • John

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  • Simon

    Gonna make this simple and brief. Your a fucking moron who adds no value to society. Please consider taking a very long nap.