Pickup Saved Me $112 This Weekend

Having good game saved me $112 this weekend. Here’s what happened:

I flew into a city in the Northeast for a conference. I was traveling with two co-workers (female). Seated across the aisle from me, on the plane, was a guy wearing a New York Jets hat. We started chatting about NY football teams and the NFL in general, and our conversation meandered to across different topics. Eventually, my two co-workers jumped into the convo.

After the plane landed, all four of us walked to baggage claim together. I kept talking to the guy, whose name was Tom, because we were in the same industry and the conversation was interesting (he does the same thing I do, except at a much higher level). The thought occurred to me that the guy was using me to talk to the girls, but I I figured that it was pretty innocuous because he was older, married, and had three kids. He was traveling back home from a work trip.

While waiting for our baggage, one of my co-workers mentioned that we had to find the Thrifty desk to get our rental car. Tom ascertained our destination and then offered to give us a ride to our hotel. He happened to live only minutes away from it. We only needed the car to travel to and from the airport, and wouldn’t need it at all once at the conference, so this made sense for us. We took him up on the offer.

The resultant savings was $112 because we ditched the rental car. Plus, we got to hang out with a cool dude and I made a contact in my industry and in the region if I ever happen back that way. The four of us even went to lunch (I paid for Tom). Pretty cool, huh?

Couple of takeaways:

  • Always socialize when you’re out and about. Game doesn’t have to be tricky, just talk about obvious stuff and drill down.
  • Game isn’t just about getting chicks, it’s about networking.
  • Game will same you money.