Paul Janka Hard Street Close. Totally Baller

Fast and furious street close with cute chick on cell phone talking to MOM. Love it. He kinos immediately and hooks with the law student line. Even the haters have to admit this is smooth. Video after the jump.


  • Girlwithnoname (Jackie)

    LOL. what does “kino” mean?
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  • Honey

    I think it means he touches her.
    .-= Honey´s last blog …Paul Janka Hard Street Close. Totally Baller =-.

  • wingman

    This was a pretty serious close. Including the mom was priceless.

  • Lance

    Kino does mean physical contact, Janka is holding her hand. The mom thing is brilliant because he doesn’t get the close unless he gets mom’s “approval,” which in this case means getting her to say hello and chuckling at the absurdity of the situation. He has to warm up the mom over the phone in like 5 seconds while the chick is HOLDING the phone or this thing falls apart.

  • Honey

    It’s interesting to think about the physical contact aspect of it – I have learned that despite (or perhaps because of) the fact that touch is my primary love style, I ONLY like being touched by Jake. I don’t even hug my friends willingly and am taken aback when they instigate.
    .-= Honey´s last blog …Paul Janka Hard Street Close. Totally Baller =-.

  • kiera

    If I was a man I would want to be him. But I really want to know if she flaked later. What are the odds she would actually meet him again?
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  • Lance

    @Kiera, great question. In my experience hard fast closes like this have a high flake rate, so you have to warm it up over text to really make the meetup happen. I think I saw video somewhere where Janka says he does that exact thing. One positive about quick closes is that there’s a lot of mystery and curiosity built in, so some chicks will follow through just to find out what’s what. Janka also does SHITLOADS of street approaches, like dozens in a day, so it’s partially a numbers game, too.