Oooh Snap! Natalie Dylan on Tyra With An Old Dude

Dood, Lance Jr here! Whaddup!?

Have you seen this? Natalie Dylan, that crazyass skank ho, aka the most expensive virgin in the country, wuz on Tyra with a old white dood who wants to do her for a million bucks. If I had a million bucks, I would def blow it for a night of terrible sex with a 6, absolutely no question. Yup.


Natalie, you crazy biznatch, stop txting

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me! Ur not hot enough!!

Like I have 500 bucks…


Lance Jr

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  • lisaq

    Haha…that’s fricking priceless!Thanks for sharing!

    lisaq´s last blog post…Reader Question: What Are the Rules of a Break?

  • Kiera

    I love Tyra’s comment at 3.35 on her about being attention seeking. I’ll admit it, I want to slap Tyra whenever she speaks.

    Kiera´s last blog post…"Be Good"

  • Eathan

    Yeah…i saw that episode last week. He’s a bit creepy. If I had $1mil.. I’d pay her not to give it to him.. lol Old perv..haha

    Eathan´s last blog post…Question From Reader – Biracial Cute

  • Lance

    I understand the guy has a virgin fantasy and wants to pay money to fulfill it, but I can’t imagine it’s worth that dollar amount. I mean, he can get a sex worker to “pretend” to be a virgin and roleplay and get basically the same effect, with much better actual sex to boot. Actually, he’s probably already done that.

    Also, I gotta start changing my pw’s and keep that sneaky Lance Jr off my blog!!

  • lilez0521

    This is lame. She isn’t worth that much money…

  • dadshouse

    She’s a ho, and he’s a creep! I think he could do way better, btw. And what’s with Tyra acting like a Madame?

    dadshouse´s last blog post…How to Ask a Teacher Out

  • Threads

    Ahh so creepy!

  • Brad

    Shit… instead of paying a million bucks for ONE virgin…

    Why not go for the GUSTO and pay like 500 super high end hookers to go NUTS on your old ass…

    Or maybe he just wants something he can handle… lol.

    If you do that with 500 chicks… you’re the MAN… with ONE VIRGIN… you’re a creep.

    Brad´s last blog post…The DARK SIDE Of Supplements