I #-Closed An Artsy Chick On Sunday

I’ve been having a shitty month on the dating front…I haven’t heard from my FB in weeks (ie no poon) and I’ve been going out of town for work so often that I’ve haven’t been able to go out and run game. Things are so lame right now that I even re-activated my match.com account. I hate online dating.

I did run some game on that work friend two weekends ago, but that bombed. I emailed her and she basically LJBF’ed me (lets-just-be-friends). No problem, she wasn’t that hot and it forced me to stick to my policy of not messing around with work friends. It took me about an hour to get over that one.

So on Sunday I went to my favorite local bar, ostensibly to watch the NBA playoffs and eat dinner, but really to see if there were any sets worth opening. I flew solo.

I watched an entire half of basketball and there were no sets to speak of. Typical on a Sunday evening. There was a dude in a suit standing next to me at the bar, also watching the game. He opened me with, “I think Obama is getting killed in Pennsylvania.” MSNBC was on one of the other televisions and sure enough, Obama was down like 5 points. I’m not huge into politics but we chatted politics for a bit. The dude’s name was Jim, and eventually Jim sat down next to me.

Towards the end of the hoops game, a tall chick entranced the bar, Jim greeted her, and she sat down on the other side of him. The chick was cute, tall, brunette, mid-20’s, artsy. I’ll call her Art Chick. So now we’re basically a 3-set, with Jim sitting between me and the girl.

Solid convo for the next hour, oscillating between politics and relationships. Guess which way I steered the conversation? Jim was pretty big on politics and he had even run for state senate once (he got killed). It turns out Art Chick had broken up with her venture capitalist boyfriend a week ago and she was pretty torn up by it. She got kicked out of his house and was living on a friend’s couch. The whole nine yards. She was a professional artist and we had some nice commonalities, so I decided to game her up.

I busted out a couple of tried and true funny dating stories to lighten the mood, and Jim helped out by telling a story about how he picked up a fraulein in a bookstore while living in Germany. Just to give you an idea, Jim was a 51 year old IT geek, decent looking in a geek way, very friendly, but pretty chumpy. I really liked the guy and I would definitely hang with him again, but he’d make a lousy wingman. I kept trying to steer the convo to fun, exciting, sexual stuff, and he kept taking over the convo and talking about politics. The convo was generating zero attraction and I could see Art Chick drifting off. Hell, I was getting bored.

Jim even tooled himself a few times by telling stories about how he got screwed over by this and that. He’s married though, so I guess it didn’t matter. The point being I was trying to pick up Art Chick and he wasn’t helping my cause.

Since Jim was sitting between us at the bar, I didn’t do any kino. I did get 3-4 verbal indicators of interest; she kept asking me good questions about what I thought, what I did, etc.

NOTE: What I should have done was gone to the bathroom and on my way back given her some light kino to let her know I was interested. Maybe even sat down next to her. I was a little scared though because it would have been so obvious. Who cares, right? Sticking point.

Eventually, Art Chick announced she was leaving. Jim made a big show about pumping her up and telling her to stay strong (remember she had just gotten dumped). I asked her for a business card, assuming she had one since she sells art. She gave it to me. Number close. I also stood up, and as she was leaving, I pulled her over and gave her a hug. Awkward because there was no lead-in, but it showed that I was a warm, genuine person, instead of a random bar chode.


That night, I checked out her website, was pleasantly surprised that her painting was fantastic, and emailed her right then and there:

Hey [Art Chick], I took a look at your blog…wow! your stuff is great! I especially liked this one:
[website address]

It strongly reminds me of an Ernest Hemingway story I read (I’m a big Hem fan). Very evocative. Also, I like the fact that you’re using WordPress and blogging about your artwork. I’m a bit of a wordpress geek myself.

I feel you about the ex-bf. What a jerk. You’re attractive, so my best advice is get out there and have fun. Don’t let some dude screw with your happiness.

Notice I didn’t ask her out or anything, I just dropped her a friendly note. Depending on her response, if any, I’d make a decision about asking for a meetup.

She replied the next morning:

Your point is well taken Lance. Thanks for the encouragement. Getting into my new place will be a fresh start that I’m very much looking forward to.

And thanks for looking at my website. I’m glad you enjoyed browsing my work. If you like, I’ll add you to the invite list for my future shows.

It was great meeting you last night!

So I took that as a positive indicator, and whipped an email right back, asking her to meet for coffee the next day. She replied:

Things are pretty hectic right now (as you might imagine), but I will be in Orlando around 5 tomorrow if you want to meet at Starbucks for a little while at 6. I can’t promise anything highly engaging. I’m just trying to make myself sleep and keep down lunch these days. Haha, so are you sure you’re still up for it?

And that’s it. I emailed back and told her time and location was great, I was looking forward to it, and I even cracked a vomiting joke that I was sure to get a LOL. The meetup is supposed to take place tonight.

I’d handicap it as 50-50 that she flakes. Why? I didn’t establish a particularly strong connection during the initial meet, just a few stories, no kino, and a bit of attraction. I’m basically just a random guy she met in a bar. So we’ll see. My game was decent and I got my ass out of the house, so I feel pretty good about that.

If she doesn’t flake, I’ll flirt hardcore and see where it gets me.

  • star

    good luck! looking forward to hearing more stories about art chick :-)

  • http://www.phantasmagoricdreams.com Becca aka Chaotic Kitten

    In the immortal words of Rob Schieder: You can do it! LOL. Seriously, good luck.

    Becca aka Chaotic Kitten’s last blog post..No Longer Safe For Work

  • http://dadshouseblog.com dadshouse

    Lance, that’s a great story, love how you keep it real. My two cents – you have a genuine shot. She could have easily taken the “too hectic, can’t meet” approach, but she said “very hectic, can only meet for a short while.” For me, that means she’s interested, at least enough to give you another shot.

    Back at the bar, I’m wondering if you couldn’t have just moved over next to her without working it into a bathroom trip. Could you have ridden the enthusiasm of some part of the conversation to get closer to her?

    All in all, though, she gave you her card, she responded in email, she agreed to meet. All good. I’ve had women give me cards, then I write and never hear back from them. I think you’re in there. Keep us posted.

    dadshouse’s last blog post..Investment Advice From a Sixth Grader

  • http://thedateabledork.typepad.com The Dateable Dork

    Nice work, Lance! Can’t wait to hear how it all turns out!

    And what’s up with your fuck-buddy? I’m still waiting for the details on the crazy monkey sex… : )

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