New iPhone Stalkerware Makes Me Want to Yak

People, please. This is getting a little out of hand. A company called Intelius has gotten a little too clever for their own good and developed an app that lets women go super stalkery on their male dates. The app is called Date Check, which checks for criminal record, net worth, living status (married or single) and various personal details that are pulled from social media sites. The app, when it’s released later this fall, will be free to download but will cost you money to run the checks.

UPDATE: Not sure what’s up with Intelius, but their Youtube videos got pulled this morning. This includes the video on their own site.


You know what I think? I think this is friggin retarded. Yup, I’ve sat around and Googled chicks that I’ve picked up and I’ve done a wee bit of Facebook stalking too. But who the hell GOES ON THE ACTUAL DATE and uses their iPhone to pull this information? Ladies, are you waiting for the guy to head to the john before you run Sleaze Detector? Let’s get serious for three seconds here.

Do like everyone else does, run your searches at work. I mean, it’s not like you’re not blowing time shopping on Bluefly and IM’ing with your girlfriends anyway.  Get criminal background checks for twenty bucks here and run a pretty nasty little people search at Or just google the poor sap.

BTW, if you’re a chick and you’re doing net worth checks on your dates you’re kind of a loser. Guys don’t do this. We think it’s creepy. I’m just saying.

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  • dadshouse

    The net worth checks would bug the crap out of me. Silicon Valley women I meet seem obsesses with mega wealth, as if they simply need to meet the next “Google founder” type of guy, and they’ll be set for life. Um, there’s more to life than mega money. (I’m not saying to be penniless, I’m just saying you don’t need to sit around counting your financial assets all day)

    As for an iPhone app – it’s the future! I have a buddy who does everything on his iPhone. email, web surfing, reading the Wall Street Journal, even reading novels. He is pretty much laptop free. If intellius wants to take the google step out of the equation and put that background check in their grubby palms, more power to them. If there’s a market for it, there’s a market for it.
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  • James Bond DVD

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