Natalie Dylan on CNN; She Doesn’t Look Like A Virgin

Natalie Dylan is in the news again, this time on CNN (video from, explaining why she wants a quarter mil for her virginity. She’s super duper articulate and after listening to her I was convinced that popping her cherry is worth the dough. Way to represent, sister! Check it out.

Money quote from a male Sac State student at :55…

She doesn’t look like a virgin.

Also, at :44, they interview two female students who are WAY hotter than Dylan, IMO.

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  • Hammer

    Who wants to start with me? Then we can also have a site which will be the auction site. We can do background checks on people using drivers licenses or social security numbers! And with money like that getting thrown around, we’ll be rich in no time.

    Hammer´s last blog post…Stealing a Girl Away from Another Guy

  • Lance

    I’m actually considering starting a business where I CHARGE to de-virginize women. Seriously, I think this could be a legit business!

  • Infinity

    Lance, I agree! If this catches on, then this could be a lucrative market for us to create or join.

    Think about it. There are tons of people out there (men and women) who actually like taking v-cards. This is could a temp goldmine if done properly.

    If anyone is serious about it, I would completely exploit the hell out of this…anonymously, of course 😉

    Infinity´s last blog post…Great News and Fun Times Ahead!

  • Matt Savage

    Haha, wow, this is a great idea. Just promise to hire me as an employee:)

    Matt Savage´s last blog post…The Dilemmas of Male Virgins

  • dadshouse

    The money quote for me was the college chick who said Dylan’s cause was “noble” because the money would be used for grad school.

    Um, since when does grad school cost $250M ?

    dadshouse´s last blog post…Myers-Briggs Love Sexy Personality Type

  • Donna

    hell let the girl do what she wants if she wants to sell it then let her its a capalist sicoty and we do have the right to sellwhat ever we want hell its better then giving it away to some snoty 15 yearold who dosnt even know where to put it