Natalie Dylan: Brilliant Capitalist or Expensive Skank Ho?

The Virgin scooped me on this (you little bastard), but it’s worth blogging about at the Honeyandlance Ranch, where we sell virgins cheap.

Natalie Dylan (not real name), a graduate student at Sacramento State University, is auctioning off her virginity for the cool price of $250,000. According to her, the money is going to pay off college loans and will create a lot of “financial stability” in her life. Well, no fucking shit sister, a quarter mil would create financial stability for pretty much any person ever. Also, last time I checked, grad school at Sac State didn’t cost $250k.

The Bunny Ranch in Nevada is brokering the transaction. You can see Natalie’s flyer here.

Predicably, there’s plenty of negative reaction to her stunt. See here, where Linda Fiori says:

Thanks for lowering the status and respectability of women and college students everywhere. Women have made so many strides toward independence and gender equality in recent years, it was about time someone took us a few steps back.

I actually like Natalie Dylan’s ploy for the following reasons:

1. There’s a market for the virginity of hot chicks, and Dylan is capitalizing on that. Sex and money, that’s the American Dream, baby.

2. The money, if invested properly, could set her up for life.

3. The notoriety, if leveraged properly, could be worth millions. Book deals and speaking engagements, anyone?

4. Since she’s a college girl, she could either a) lose her vcard to some douchebag at a frat party, or b) pick a carefully screened and interviewed partner that she knows everything about. This would maximize the experience. I would go further and say that the guy she picks will be nice to her before, during, and after the “date.” That’s more than you can hope for from a random college player.

The major problem I have with this whole escapade is…how do I put this delicately…attempting to articulate…Dylan isn’t hot enough to buy at that price!! I mean, at best, she’s an 8, and that’s one expensive lay.

Check out the WalletPop blog for an overview of the story.

Ladies and gents, would you sell off your vcard for $250,000?

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  • Holly Hoffman

    Hell yeah! Mine was uncomfortable, unromantic and unsatisfying. And that’s kind of how sex goes until you get out of college, at least in my experience. Why not get something out of it?

    Of course, I say this in retrospect. At the time, I was terrified and only could’ve done it with my longtime boyfriend, who despite his shortcomings (ahem), was very sweet, gentle and caring.

    I have reservations about doing it with a guy who would spend $250K on popping a sweet little thing’s cherry. Seriously. That kind of guy has issues in my book.

    Holly Hoffmans last blog post..Some things really are sacred

  • dadshouse

    Call me old fashioned, but I think this is creepy. I mean, what dad wants his daughter to be a whore?

    dadshouses last blog post..An Adults Only Play Date

  • Infinity

    Well, I would NEVER purchase such a thing, even if she was a 10. And Natalie is a struggling 8 to me.

    BUT if I could, I would totally auction my virginity to pay for college loans and try to set me up for life.

    But here lies my question. How is this NOT prostitution?

  • Bobby Rio

    I just think its a brilliant publicity stunt.

    Maybe I will aucion off my anal virginity for a cool million…

  • Lance

    It is precisely prostitution, which is why the deal is going down at the Bunny Ranch in Nevada, where such things are legal and commonplace.

    @Bobby: I too would auction off my anal cherry to pay off a loan or two, and the selling price would likely go well below a quarter mil.

  • Marc

    An 8? Really? You, sir, are one VERY generous rater. I’d have to think twice about buying this chick dinner in exchange for guaranteed sex. …Ah, who am I kidding? I’d buy her dinner for a guaranteed lay, but not much more.

    Marcs last blog post..A Nation of Ignorance

  • kira

    This is 100% prostitution…the difference between Natalie and your average street hooker?? She gets to be a bit more choosy about who she bangs because it isn’t her main support venue.

    Would I do it? Yeah probably. Sure it may cheapen the experience but mine was bargain basement at best to begin with and I would much rather have gone through the experience and come out $250,000 richer.

    kiras last blog post..Is a Failed Relationship Really a Failure?

  • Lance

    She’s got a head shot floating around where she looks pretty cute, but yeah 8 is a stretch. I was just trying to be nice. I don’t sleep with chicks I have to buy, but if I HAD to pay then dinner is about as far as I would go.

  • Kiera

    She’s a smart girl. I wish I would have thought of it first.

  • Phil

    There’s a big difference between asking for that kind of money and getting it. I seriously doubt if she will ever see a dime. If she is smart – this is just a publicity stunt to get some money from TV appearances. We may not know her name, but other people do – especially people who already know her. Not too smart…

    Also, in CA, $250K (before taxes…don’t forget) will only set you up modestly for a couple of years. She still needs to get a job.

  • Spyda

    No shit!

    The last time I checked, getting paid for sex is prostitution, which is illegal.

    At least on this side of the world it is.

    Spyda´s last blog post..Death Trains & Kinky Sex.

  • Hot Alpha Female
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  • bobby

    “would you sell off your vcard for $250,000?”

    Honestly, I don’t know, but probably not in this situation. If I had a very sick relative or something? Maybe I would.

    I think it’s quite humorous that maybe if she were a “10” some might change their minds, or her value rises. I think it’s a question of virginity and not about the virgin.

    bobby´s last blog post…Helping us to help ourselves.

  • unaligned

    It’s called the Bunny Ranch – a place in Nevada where prostitution is legal. Look it up.

  • Kathleen

    Would I do it? Hmmm, you bet your bottom dollar I would! I saw her on Tyra back in November and I thought it was a brilliant idea. I wish I would have thought of it before I threw it away back in high school.

  • Lance

    Kathleen, thanks for stopping by. I’d sure as hell do it!

    Lance´s last blog post…The Weekly: Gorging on Obama, The Coolest Thing Ever, Obama Mancrush, Nappy Hair, Less Fat Kids

  • Me

    I’m a 28 year old virgin and my boyfriend thinks that I should do this…lol! Nice of him, huh? I guess he’d rather be rich than be my first!

  • Honey

    Hey, Me, tell him you’ll do it but that if you guys get married, you’re getting a prenup and he can’t touch the $$$!!!

    Honey´s last blog post…Tips for Surviving a Recession (What to do BEFORE You Get Laid Off)

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