Spitzer: Power, Sex, and Douchebaggery

Great little article from Newsweek online, called The Cheating Man’s Brain. Attempts to shed light on why high powered blowhards like Eliot Spitzer cheat. Boils down to a) high testosterone levels, b) sensation seeking, and c) because they can. I love it. Kind of sounds like me…or something.


As the saying goes, power is also an aphrodisiac—and that’s been true, says Kruger, as long as humans have been around. “In our evolutionary history, men who had lots of resources and status and power were able to have more than one partner. Your body is basically saying if you have this power, you should use it, because that’s what has worked before,” he says. “Even in modern history, whether you’re talking about medieval kings or sultans or rock stars, quite a few have multiple partners. So you’re not so surprised to see this dynamic in politics today.”

It doesn’t hurt help that Spitzer is a Gemini (born June 10, 1959). As my Gem brethren can attest, all of those qualities above are present in Gem men, particularly the sensation seeking. We’re also pre-disposed towards a certain ethical “flexibility” and selective blindness to rules and regulations. We’re like cats. We just sort of go and do what we want and get away with it.

As a mental exercise, I tried to imagine myself as a rich politician. I queried, would I spend thousands of dollars on a high end hooker? The answer was a yes. An easy yes. Just the curiosity alone would have pushed me in that direction. This route, IMO, is better than nailing the intern(s) or having an affair with the secretary. Don’t hate. It’s just how the stars and planets lined up.

See this related piece, Famous Johns Exposed, also on Newsweek. Sweet. Also, On Top of the World? for followup on Dupre and operations of the Emporer’s Club VIP.

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    Hey lance,
    Gemini’s. Gotta love them right? Maybe because I am one too. I tell ya, its like having split personality sometimes.

    Don’t you find it hard to make a decision sometimes? Coz you can see things from two completely diff perspectives.

    Drives me nuts, prolly why im a little crrraaaazy.

    Sorry haven’t been blogging recently, but im BACK and better than ever!!

    Great post dude haha

    Hot Alpha Female

    ps thanks for the spelling correction *winks*

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    HAF, where the hell have you been? You know I get lonely and needy when you take off like that. I thought you were in a car accident, or something.

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    hahah hey lance. Aww thats soo cute! Nah ive just been really busy lately.

    I just finished being team captain for an internet seminar for the last 5 days and i got to speak on stage and everything!! I’ll send you the vid when i get it .. you’ll love it =)

    Next time im busy .. i remember to send you a memo first lol


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